August 10, 2020

Summer Wknd something-or-other

 Is summer over yet? I think we're all ready for a bit of fall. I was thinking yesterday how much we all likely despise the months of January through March. For me, throw in April, May is okay. December and November are also depressing as heck if you live in the northeast and...well, this year is weird. August is usually my favorite month with back-to-school but since I'm not going back to school and since back-to-school looks odd this year...maybe we just move onto September and call it good. 

He found the pile of duck decoys and put them in the water.

The swimming pond on our property.

Other than that, it was hot and humid. This was a hazy downpour at sunset:
I started a new book.
 I went to the Class 6 and the commissary and felt like I was home. I'm pretty sure every army base even smells the same. Due to Covid, I don't know how much time we'll get to spend on base, but I really miss army bases so this move was the best possible thing for me. 
And I came up with a mocktail recipe. Just because we live close to a Sonic now doesn't mean I need a cherry limeaide every time I think of it. This is lime La Croix, fresh lime, and jarred cherries.
(This jar of cherries was leftover/unused in the pantry from the limeaide at Wells' first birthday party. Waste not.)


  1. Speaking of sonic, have you used the app? I'm confused on how you do app pickups there, if you've been! ;)

  2. But Wells and Scout are having so much fun! Summer can never end! I’m a summer person too. 😉 I chose that same book from BOM. It will be a bit until I get to it tho so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! That mock tail looks and sounds so refreshing.

  3. I'm anxious to read that book - itw as the same one I picked for BOTM. I took your lead on it.
    Isnt it funny how certain stores ALL have a smell to them. That's what leave a memory

  4. Ok, must try the fake cherry limeade. I adore those.


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