August 13, 2020

Disappointments lately

Dear Edward 
I hate when I go into a hyped-up book and I don't love it, or even like it very much. 

Shameless season..whatever. 
I don't care anymore. I won't give spoilers but it's been too, too out there in the last couple of years. And I fully admit: I only keep watching because I'm desperately waiting for Jimmy-Steve to come back. 

SO Delicious Creamer
I grabbed this because I assumed it would be okay and my oat milk creamer was not at the store I went to over the weekend. It was not okay. Not at all. I didn't pay attention to the label: I don't do coconut milk creamer. Warm coconut milk is always sour-tasting to me. I can't do any kind of latte/coffee with it. 

I admit: I bought them because they had my name. And I just grabbed a few of the travel sizes earlier this year, just to try. They are so perfume-y. Sometimes, I didn't mind it. But, one day, I was driving a few hours after using the shampoo/conditioner and the smell was actually nauseating to me. 

This is a very long and involved story. It spans two years and, to be honest, I stopped keeping track of the incidents and indiscretions. But, the spark notes version: Scott tried to cancel his membership 3-4 different times and they said each time they would cancel it and they never. actually. canceled. it. and they kept charging us to the point where we didn't even know where to go from there. They kept saying you'll have an email saying it was canceled by next Thursday ??? or you need to mail a letter to our main offices in California in order to cancel???????????? 

Finally, yesterday, Scott called the nearest LA Fitness, which is in Illinois (fun fact). The woman he spoke to was like What? Seriously? I'm going in and I'm canceling it right now. He had the email confirmation of cancellation 15 minutes later. 

I think my orchid is dying. It's gone into hibernation before but this time it's turned yellow? The leaves are still bright green. 

And we've not heard back from our previous rental about our security deposit being returned yet. Technically, they have two more days, but it's really disappointing when you feel like you can't trust anyone you do business with. We've never had to wait a full 30 days for a deposit return. 

Other than those random little things, life is feeling much better and more settled than it was a month ago

What's bothering you this week?


  1. I think your orchid might be okay as long as the leaves stay green... though I've never been able to keep one alive so probably don't listen to me, lol. Also, I have to say I only drink coconut milk creamer right now but that one really is SO bad for some reason.

  2. Shameless jumped the shark for me a few years ago. It's funny you mention it though, b/c I'm currently rewatching the earlier ones.

    COVID is still bumming me out. Just how many "things" it affects.

  3. Shameless always pops up first on my Netflix when I turn it on & I'm like, should I start it? Now I'm thinking no.

  4. Your orchid is fine. Just snip off the yellow stem and it will grow another when it is ready to bloom again.

  5. I knew a few people who had the exact same saga trying to cancel LA Fitness memberships. I’m trying to cancel my Planet Fitness one, but in order to do that I have to actually go there. And honestly, it’s all I can do to remember the laundry these days.


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