August 17, 2020

A weekend of new things.

An exciting start to Friday night... ^^

I am struggling right now with finding a show. Scott has been watching Norsemen, which is funny enough but I want an actual show to get invested in. He loves movies and I generally don't. Since I can't find a show to watch (is there a greater 2020 marriage issue than "pick a you pick a you..fine"?), he just picked movies all weekend. 

We watched most of The Lost Husband. It wasn't great. I was bothered by the kitchen set the most. It looked like something out of a high school play. 

Saturday, we went to Cricket Wireless. I'll preface with a story: Scott hates the big phone companies. The $30-40 in taxes and surcharges, the contracts, the pay-off-your-phone each month...he can rant about it all. In fact, he had a wireless phone for a good two years (a phone that only works where there is a wi-fi signal) and he loved it. He bought the phone for $100 or whatever, and paid less than $10 a month. He even had a hotspot little hockey puck he could carry around with him if the signal was sketchy when he was hunting or something. He did go back to Verizon a few years ago and has gone through probably four android phones since. Last year, he canceled that account and switched to Cricket because he wanted a new number. His Verizon number had been previously owned by a woman who died of kidney failure due to drug use and she had a lot of debt collectors calling her (I cannot make this up). 

He was so pleased with Cricket that he's been trying to get me to switch too. You just buy the phone. You don't have a fancy contract to deal with and Cricket runs off of AT&T's towers. 

Last week, he pulled out the big guns: he would just buy me the iPhone 11 if I canceled the Verizon account. I said I would switch only if I keep my number. 

Wells was shockingly well-behaved.

So we went to Cricket and two. hours. later, I had a new phone and we have a quite low bill each month now. I am very curious about those who upgrade to the newest Apple products the second they're released each year or does one afford that? I had an iPhone 4 (Los Angeles on vacation), a 5C (Missouri), a 6 (Colorado Springs), and an 8 (Laramie). That was over a 9 year timespan. 

Saturday night, we watched The Peanut Butter Falcon. Super good and heartwarming. Really recommend. I feel like they never make movies like this anymore. Then Scott watched Spare Parts after I went to bed, and said it was really good. 

On Sunday, Scott took both dogs and the two-year-old out to scout hunting spots. 

We made the leap and got a second carseat. This was a big step for me, personally. I can count the number of times Scott has taken Wells somewhere by himself on one hand. This is a "me" issue and not a Scott issue. But we said that when we got to Kansas, and when Scott wasn't doing construction work every weekend and had room in his truck (more on this at a later date), we would get another carseat and he and Wells would start going places together. The only other two times this has happened, that I can remember, I had near panic attacks. At this point, he's more than two years old and I feel okay. 

I finished a book and gave myself a pedicure. Two things I cannot do when Wells is running around. 

Then I made the world's ugliest chicken pot pie for dinner but it did taste good.

Not as basic as White Claw, but close. 

And we played with my new phone for a bit. 

He ate absolutely none of that chicken pot pie, by the way. 

Sunday night, we watched Pan, which I kind of enjoyed. It had terrible reviews, but I thought it was pretty inventive. 

Two more weekends until September and then...maybe some fall weather? 

Is there a show you're loving lately? It's slightly insane that we have streaming access to probably millions of shows, yet can't find a thing to watch. 


  1. Seriously, my husband and I cannot agree on a new show in the past few months. And we NEED one.

  2. THANK YOU... I'm so glad to see someone else like Pan too. We saw it in the theater & was the ONLY ones in there. Ricky said he rented the theater out for me - LOL - but it was getting such bad reviews & I thought it was pretty smart. I loved the connection with Hook & Pan - that back story. Plus... Hugh Jackman.

  3. Selling Sunset
    Sweet Magnolias
    The Ranch

    I have a friend that gets the latest iPhone no matter the price. She feels it's always a must have.


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