July 13, 2020

Summer Weekend #7

Summer Weekend #5 was packing up in Pittsburgh and #6 was unpacking the furniture in Kansas. 

Friday's sunset. 
I mentioned on IG how I spent years watching each sunset in Colorado and usually took pictures of the summer ones. In Pittsburgh, we were so closed in that I don't think I saw a single sunset. 

Friday was Wells' birthday. We already had his parties so this was just a day at home.

I filled his ball pit with balloons. He loved watching me pop them when we were done with them. 

Didn't want any pictures. Also didn't want to wear the sandals I tried to put on him. 

So he played in the dirt for a bit. 

Also only wants to do "bubbles" himself now. He makes a mess. 

Pancakes for dinner. 

I did spend some time finishing a book. Actually, I've read a ton in the last week. Tomorrow is book day on the blog. 

Walking. I want to explore more but it's just too hot, so we just frequent the same path. 

Finally got our washer and dryer on Sunday! Two weeks may be almost the longest I've ever gone without. 
We bought our first washer/dryer in October 2009 in Alaska and that moved with us to Missouri and to Colorado. We sold them with our CO house. They were maybe $400 a piece originally because we had no money (we used wedding money to buy them) but they certainly lasted us longer than we thought they would...10 years! And they still worked fine. 
Our Pittsburgh rental had a washer and dryer so we were able to put off buying another set. 
Ideally, this house would've had a set too, because one more (two more) things to move around is rough. 
I didn't want to spend a lot again, but Scott picked out ones that were a bit nicer. 
We wanted the platinum color but they were sold out and, honestly, I'm not picky. These also came in "champange", which is pretty, but a bit trendy. So white it was. 
Anyway, after 2-3 mix-ups on Lowes' end of things, we were able to get these hooked up yesterday. Praise the Lord. Having a toddler and no washer/dryer is a unique kind of problem. I don't know how people deal with that. 
When we first had Wells, I realized the washer/dryer was my favorite thing (our Wyoming house also had a set when we bought it so those stayed there). Like, I'd rather have that than any other modern convenience. 

...and sharing his macaroni and cheese. 


  1. They make appliances in Champagne color? :) LOL I didnt know that
    That pic of the balloon on the ground & wells walking away just makes me laugh
    I think I want pancakes for dinner now

  2. Didn't realize champagne was a color option for appliances. Interesting!

  3. Yes to a washer and dryer! Your new home looks beautiful!

  4. That sunset was so pretty!! Dont you love how kids want to refuse when you just want to get a few pictures? My usual ham of a child wasn't having any over the weekend when I was trying to get some dance pictures taken.


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