July 22, 2020

Stuff and Things..on a Wednesday(?)

(It's Wednesday, right? Days have totally lost meaning.)

This is a post of absolute randomness. 

I feel like summer is a good time for random posts. Plus, we're still in transition mode, in many ways. 

I have actual content that's either written or that's in my head or jotted down somewhere but July never seems like the time for that, you know?

So here we are!

He's so perfect.

He's okay. (Just kidding. I love this ginger very much.)

I've been in this house for 2-3 weeks, don't even have all of my furniture yet, and I already rearranged a few things. 
Wells found my books. He liked the pictures of cars in Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Speaking of books, I finished this yesterday. I read it in about 24 hours. It's Very Good. 
As I said on Instagram, I was all in on this story until about 80%. Then it just took a nosedive for me. That's what prevented it from being 5 stars. I did like the characters (mostly) and the writing. It was well-paced. Not trying to cram too much in or add in weird details. 
I recommend it, and I waited monthsss for it from the library but it wasn't the perfect book. (If you ask, I'll tell you what I think the perfect book was lol).

If you're a Christian, the first 20 minutes of this is a must-listen.

Is this a pheasant? I think it is. As seen in the backyard yesterday.

Okay, this is the most ridiculous Bachelor podcast I've come across. BUT if you want mindless entertainment, go for it. The Reality Steve episode is perfection simply because Nick Viall is insufferable. Also, I love the way these hosts refer to the show as a game (it is) and the men and women as players. They treat it as a sport. It's kind of delightful? 

Speaking of The Bachelor, I watched GOAT: Brad Womack last night on Hulu. I never watched it live and had to look up the years, but I found Brad so endearing. I feel like he's hated in the franchise? I just really thought he came across as authentic, even if pretty unsure of himself. Thoughts?


  1. I have Five Years on my list but I don't even think I have a request for it in at the library yet. What is the best? That is too funny that Wells picked that one book to zero in on lol.

  2. I keep missing these bachelor episodes. I'm still excited for clare's season.

  3. It's a turkey! You can see them on the side of the highway all the time!

  4. Your yard looks massive! Wells may become an avid reader like you! I’m so far behind on The Bachelor best seasons. I need to get on Hulu (and time without the husbands,

  5. I always felt like Brad got a bad wrap too.... I mean, God forbid he not propose to anyone he's not feeling with :/ Dumb.


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