June 19, 2020

5 Friday Things

I confess: I bought a pair of espadrilles at Costco for $15 a few months ago. They're BOBS so they're supposed to be comfortable, right? No. They are not and now I'm stuck with them. 

These shoes from Target, though, have never done me wrong. I affectionately call them "fake TOMS" and I've worn them for years... more than my TOMS because they are more comfortable! Get you a pair if you want a slip-on sneaker. I ordered the gray online because it'd been a few years since I'd bought a pair.  

It's incredibly frustrating that I couldn't get the cheetah print because it won't ship to my zip code (or my mom's zip code or my new zip code starting in July...I tried). They're so comfortable though...try them if you can find them!

2. This essential oil combination. 

3. This Father's Day gift.

I used Wells' footprint and he screamed like he was being tortured and it took about 30 minutes and a popsicle and a trip outside to recover from the trauma. 

5. These tweets. 


  1. That tweet is hilarious. Those shoes sound fabulous, I will have to check them out. Love the print you did with Wells. And now you have a fun story to always remember hahahaha.

  2. Ooo I want to get a pair of shoes like those, but for some reason never bought the obvious choice, TOMS. I'll keep an eye out at Target for them! Also, high waisted shorts are confusing lolol.

  3. Ohhhh that Father's Day gift is so dang cute!

  4. I literally just clicked off and bought those shoes before reading the rest of your post. Thanks for the rec!


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