May 11, 2020

Stitchfix...trying again!

Before getting to the Stitchfix, I should mention that the cooking rut is real right now. I feel like I can't even keep enough food on hand to have multiple meals ready to go. It's a real first-world problem, but between trying to use up produce, not waste ingredients, utilize the freezer...I'm struggling. And there's only 2 of us and a toddler.

If you have any recipe ideas for dinner this week, leave a link or comment. I bring this up because I was posting recipes on Monday for the longest time and now I'm completely out of ideas. I did update my Recipe Index though, leaving only the best and brightest, if you want an idea from me. 

I have a history with Stitchfix. A h-i-s-t-o-r-y. In fact, I had fun browsing through my Stitchfix label on this very blog to see what they've sent me over the years. The last time I had a box was probably the spring of 2016? I can't actually remember that part. I know I never ordered while pregnant or since then. 

I don't know what number box this is for me; it's probably #10 or 11. I decided that I would start a whole new profile so I used my second email address. Very sneaky, right?

I have to say, it was worth the trouble.

My stylist hit it out of the park. Not only did every single thing she sent fit me, it was all my style. Patterns I like, fabrics I would wear, etc. 

My dilemma, which I posted to Instagram Stories in a this-is-my-first-world-problem way this weekend, was that two of the items weren't quite what I need right now so I was at that crossroads of "do I buy the whole box?" or "do I send these things back and pay more, per item, for the three items I do want?"

Spoiler: I kept the whole box. Scroll to the bottom for the total because it was kind of a steal, all things considered. 

Lush Warren Split Neck Blouse $44

Ugh, this print. I LOVED it. It's so pretty. It's exactly my style and the material and color is light enough that I can wear it with shorts. 

Fun2Fun Walden Split Neck Blouse $38 

This is what I was conflicted on. I really like the print and the style is fine for summer. It does fit and I know I'll have to wear a tank under it. I don't love that aspect, since it's already short-sleeve, but...I did end up keeping it. 

Mix by 41 Hawthorn, Corinna Brushed Dolman Knit Top $38

Super soft, super comfortable, neutral, no v-neck. Exactly my style and fit perfectly. 

Mix by 41 Hawthorn Halls Brushed Knit Two-Pocket Cardigan $44

You may be aware that my issue with SF has been that I refuse to buy expensive cardigans that I could likely find on the Target clearance rack. However...not only is my Target clearance rack browsing non-existent these days, but I find that, when I do get to Target, the clearance rack is just filled with ugly graphic tees that say "wine o'clock" and teddy bear sherpa jackets no one wanted in November.
Therefore, maybe it's time to rethink my stance. 

This fit really well and, my cardigan rule of thumb is that it can't make my shoulders feel/look bulky. This passes. 

STS Blue Tayah Skinny Jean $45

My major item of conflict. I don't need black pants. (They say "jean" but they are totally just pants.) Actually, no one needs black pants in May? But if I were working, I could totally see why these would come in handy. 
Truthfully, I almost sent them back. But I don't have black pants. And they did fit. This stylist really nailed the sizing this time around. I had no reason not to keep them once I saw the price breakdown...

So, here was the deal:

I could get 3 of the items for $106. 


I could get all 5 items for $136, because that included the 25% discount for buying the whole box.

I sat on this decision for an entire week because, let's face it, I don't have much else to do right now.

I ended up keeping everything. 

My stylist was so great that I think I'm going to do another box in July. Might as well! It'll be nice to have some clothes that don't come from Target or Old Navy, right?

I'm not one to referral link very often, but if you want to try Stitchfix, here's my referral link; you get $25 in Stitchfix credit and so do I.

So, thoughts? I mentioned weeks ago that I would literally have paid the $20 styling fee for just the experience. Same? This is kind of a game of just-how-bored-are-we, right? 


  1. I've been toying with trying stitch fix. Hmm...

    Meals this week are:
    Sun-cajun sausage/shrimp with zucchini/squash one pan
    Mon-fish, mini potatoes, green veggie
    Tues-chix wraps (my version of crazy bowls) with rice & tortilla chips
    Wed-blackened chicken with veggies
    Thurs-out (pizza most likely)
    Fri-buffalo chicken egg rolls with veggie
    Sat-red sauce pasta with bread

    Hope that inspires you!

  2. I love it all!!!
    I got a very similar shirt just like that first one from Old Navy!!!! :) In case you're looking for one like it in different patterns for a cheaper price. Probably not as good quality

  3. I have seen so many people do stitch fix posts over the years. I am always intrigued and would like to have fun and try it out...but even I cant get my right size more of the time. I dont even know what size I am right now, because right before quarantine started, I lost 20 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes. But only tried on one brand in stores before we weren't going anywhere anymore.

    I love that print on the first top you got! You can always wear black pants, I think that was probably a good investment to keep them all.

  4. Love everything! The black pants aren’t exciting but are a staple. Come October you will be so happy!

  5. I've never tried Stichfix, although I (maybe weirdly) love seeing what others get. But I love the clothes your stylist sent you, especially the first two tops. I kinda live in black pants for work so your "nobody needs black pants in May" line made me laugh because true and I still wear them. LOL!

  6. Such cute stuff! It's amazing you loved every item! Mine are usually hit and miss. I get so excited when I receive something I really love!

  7. I love everything you got! I think StitchFix is fun but I have seen some people get some super questionable boxes. I think your Stylist totally got you/your style.

  8. You really did get a good deal! Definitely worth the extra $30 to keep them all. I LOVE that first top. It's sooo cute.

  9. WHAT?! $136 for all of it! So ridiculous. My boxes are always like $236 for everything. I would have kept all of this too. Everything is super cute! Glad you gave it another chance!


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