May 21, 2020

3 Things Thursday

3 Creature Comforts
1. My travel coffee mug...yes, I've determined the best way to drink coffee each morning is out of my travel mug. It's a thing I've done for months and months now, even if I'm only sitting at my kitchen table.
2. Kcups. I hate that I love Kcups. But it's just seamless. Seamless is nice right now. 
3. Podcasts. They are my main form of entertainment. 

3 Comfort Foods
1. Ice cream. I've been doing this thing: I mix two types of ice cream. Life can be so boring right now if we let it; it's the little excitements that keep us going.
2. Chips and queso, always. I gave this up a few weeks ago. 
3. Oreos. I gave these up a few weeks ago as well. 
4. Bonus: a margarita

3 New Recipes Attempted
1. I made this lamb stew yesterday. Scott had lamb in the freezer and had been talking about lamb stew for weeks. I finally just made it for him. I didn't eat any. I don't do lamb.
2. This homemade enchilada sauce. I have no words for how amazing it is. I made beef enchiladas last week and they were perfection. 
3. ...well, this is embarrassing. I can't think of a third. I just kind of make the same few things over and over for simplicity's sake right now. The predictability of knowing you'll like what you made for dinner is what I'm going for. 

3 Things Entertaining Me Right Now
1. Books. Thrillers, in particular. 
2. Throwing things away. I'm really into organizing and throwing away anything that comes across my path. 
3. Pilates. I am trying to do 30 minutes a day because it's not like I don't have the time. 

3 Shows Recently Watched
1. Normal People. Meh..Scott finds it fascinating. I don't. I think it's kind of the worst. I only watch because he wants to and he insists on breaking down the psychology of crazy Marianne.  
2. I'm rewatching Breaking Bad if I'm home by myself and Wells is sleeping. 

This is so lame, but I can't even think of a third. 

3 Songs Played
I don't really do music, especially these days. But I do listen to a lot of Daniel Tiger and Clifford and Little Baby Bum songs. I'll spare you. 

3 Recent Purchases
1. I just got a new diffuser because the old one finally died. 
2. A new planner. I do academic-year planners, so I have a post on that for next week (if I write it, that is).
3. Baby things! My two cousins are both due with their first babies in late summer, so I bought an assortment of items from their registries over the weekend. My tactic with baby gifts is to buy items we couldn't have lived without in the first few weeks: swaddleschanging padchanging pad liners, and changing pad covers.  

3 Things Keeping Me Sane
1. Our decent medical care here. We are in civilian care because we're not near a military base and the conglomerate is pretty seamless...I can go from one doctor to another easily; they have all my info and...dare I say...I haven't seen a bill yet. 
2. Wells being more independent. I lovelovelove that we can just go outside into the fenced-in yard and he finds 187 ways to amuse himself while I pull weeds or cut grass or pick up sticks. It passes the time. 
3. there a third? I don't know. 

3 Things That I Miss Most
A degree of certainty
That's all.

3 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Planning out small birthday get-togethers for Wells this summer. I'll take any and all tips about 2nd big parties, something that will be about him, not me; and something that can be done somewhere other than our house.
2. Moving out of this house...dare I say, it WILL happen. We don't know WHERE WE ARE MOVING entirely, but it'll happen in July/August and if we know anything it's that time marches on and so it WILL HAPPEN. 
And honestly, aside from the fact that it's just too small (the house and the yard), they have been very gracious with us in this time of uncertainty. I do appreciate that greatly. 
3. This is so weird and you may not believe me, but I bought a book on potty training and it's made me feel like a complete failure because I haven't gone this route with a 22 month old yet...but I'm looking forward to the day when I know he's ready to dive into potty training. Not because I hate diapers or whatever, but because I feel like I may be doing him a disservice by not doing it yet. I want to do the right thing for him, if that makes sense. 

This should have been called "Two Things Thursday" because finding three things for this was unnecessarily challenging. 


  1. I LOVE throwing away crap from Caleb and Holden's rooms. They have sooo many old toys and junkie things.
    Don't feel bad about potty training. It's so different for every kid.

  2. I am putting enchiladas on next week's menu now! nom nom nom

  3. I hate uncertainty. I've been really into the ice cream and Oreos too! So good, but so bad.

  4. I absolutely love a homemade enchilada sauce, it really does make all the difference. Do not feel guilty about potty training. I started early with Zoe because the school pushed us and she just wasn't ready. Finally something clicked for her this fall and it was like it happened overnight. You will feel when it is time.

  5. Oreos have been my go-to naptime snack lately. For Cyrus's 2nd birthday we took him to a kids cafe...and that was pretty much the last thing we did before the world shut down. I am grateful we got to go somewhere, because going places is pretty much his favorite thing. Some of the restrictions are loosening here...but you aren't allowed to take children under 12 anywhere at've been at home since mid-March with no end in site. And he's still not potty trained but the idea seems to be gradually starting to stick. I hear it's easier when you start when they are older! I was like...we'll never be home this long ever again so might as well introduce the idea...

  6. I've been home for nearly 3 months and STILL haven't done a good purge. I need to get on that. read Normal People and didn't love it but tried to watch the show anyway. I think I fell asleep during the second episode. Not knowing where I'm moving would make me so anxious- good luck! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Hell yes to chips & queso! I’m a sucker for enchiladas so I’ll definitely be giving that a try. Purging is my jam. I cleaned my boyfriend’s entire kitchen yesterday. I was in my element. Sorry all those #3's evaded you! :) Thanks for joining!


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