April 10, 2020

Memes and a Podcast Rec for you

As we head into a holiday weekend, I know it's going to be harder than the previous few weekends have been. We've never been big into Easter in our married life because Scott has been deployed a LOT in the springtime. Remember the year I went to Qdoba and then to see The Hunger Games? (I do, you may not :) It's a weird place to be in for all of us right now, but I had socially-distanced myself from the big family Easter celebrations years ago...you can't exactly fly home from Alaska for all the holidays. 
In this way, as I've told more than one person lately, I feel like military families really have the jump on what it means to truly socially-distance and have an advantage in the current situation. 
It's very weird. 

But, regardless, I have Easter baskets ready and maybe an egg hunt if the weather cooperates. 

Let's do some funny things. Because it's snowing and windy and someone is supposed to be coming to fix ("fix") the roof or the ceiling or something today? (Big question mark on that one.)

I usually hate the expression "into my veins", but INTO MY VEINS:

The grocery list and the baby names and random passwords all live in my Notes.

I have a particular pet peeve concerning these Gather signs anyway.

And if you need something to listen to: 

I recommend this podcast. They are LEGITIMATELY funny. I mean, laugh out loud FUNNY. 
Pick an episode you already know something about. It's not informative about obscure cases, like Crime Junkie might be, but it's a take on more prominent cases. I actually do laugh out loud while I put dishes away. 


  1. I needed the laughs... I love the GATHER sign.. NOPE!!!!!!
    We usually do Easter alone ourselves because my family doesnt really do anything with dad gone now... so it's not that different for us. I just dont have to worry about getting dressed up. I'm appreciating that

  2. oh my gosh, the notes app meme is scarily accurate. We usually do our own Easter too because it has never been something my in-laws celebrate as a big holiday. I hope the roof finally gets fixed for you guys!


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