April 23, 2020

5 Things [making life easier] this week

I meant to post yesterday and that didn't happen. Usually these types of posts are for Fridays, but there's no rules at this point, right? 

I plopped this in the middle of the living room, so I do think rules are out the window. And yes, you all have your teepees for toddlers in muted pastels and I grabbed the biggest eyesore of a ball pit that I could. Needs must.

1. The Innocence Files. This is a limited series on Netflix. Enthralling if you like true crime. Scott also watched Outer Banks, which is likely designed for the under-25 crowd as the whole thing looks like it's shot through an IG filter. But he stayed up until 2am watching it...I'm trying not to judge too hard on that one. I didn't watch. I get the feeling it might be like Gossip Girl? Worth the watch? 

2. I canceled my subscription to Crime Junkie because I listened to all of the episodes. Then I joined True Crime Obsessed through Patreon. With Crime Junkie, I felt like I was learning a LOT. With TCO, it's more comedy, so I wanted their takes on certain topics and documentaries, and those episodes are on Patreon. The two Making a Murder seasons are giving me life this week. It's worth the $5 just for the Ken Kratz impersonation. Trust me. 

3. Speaking of laughing, Scott asked me to "find a funny movie" on Netflix the other night. He was, apparently, a bit depressed after 6 days of The Innocence Files, which has been my go-to in the evenings lately.

Coffee and Kareem was FUNNY. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. It's slapstick-ish, violent, and the language is horrrrrrible. Keep the kids out of the room. But holy cow, it was funny. If you like The Other Guys or the Channing Tatum version of 21 Jump Street, I recommend this.

4. I got an email the other day with an ARC of Lisa Jewell's newest book, Invisible Girl, which doesn't come out until October. That made me incredibly happy, but I haven't started yet. I'm in the middle of This Won't End Well and have a library ebook copy of Tell Me Three Things to read first.

5. Virtual doctor appointments. It's SO EASY. I've done 3 or 4 now, including counselor appointments and I really am having a hard time wrapping my head around ever going into the office again. Especially if you already have a rapport with your doctor and have been there many times. 

What's making your life easier this week?


  1. You had me at The Other Guys and 21 Jump Street, adding Coffee & Kareem to the watch list! Our house is full of obnoxious kid toys, enjoy this season of life and forget about aesthetics!

  2. I love the ball pit! Whatever works, right? I haven't heard of The Innocence Files but I'm curious. I've been doing some virtual doctor appointments too - and for most of them, it is super handy and easier to schedule!


  3. I wasnt partial to coffee and kareem, they also deleted a lot of scenes.

    My life has been made easier by movies and netflix too though, just nothing in particular.


  4. I love that virtual doctors appointments are a thing. I mean, who wants to go sit in a pool of germs.
    I'll have to check out that movie. I need a good laugh

  5. Those ball pits are awesome!
    I keep forgetting all my nergalley books. Oops!

  6. I haven't watched Coffee and Kareem yet, but it looks so funny! I enjoy Ed Helms!

  7. Hooray for the ARC - and one you know will be good at that! She is hands down one of my favorite authors. I can never put her books down. I'm all for the ball pit. Was there an adult one?

  8. Jerry and I started The Innocence Files a couple of weeks back, but then he worked for 2 weeks (they're rotating), and I came back THIS week, so now we're short on time. We do need to watch more of it though.
    UGH Ken Kratz is the worstttt.


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