March 17, 2020

This was already my life...

The social distancing thing isn't that different from what life was like a month ago.

And especially this last week; when we're sick, I stay home anyway. Even on our healthiest days, I stick to a meal and nap schedule prettttttty rigidly. The dogs get walked at the same time each day. I don't go to work, so 90% of the social interactions I used to have as a teacher aren't there anymore.

Therefore, not much is changing for me. Just no Toddler Time or playdates or unnecessary Target runs. Also, trying to avoid the grocery store if I can. I have some appointments to cancel and reschedule and our entire future is up in the air because the federal government is locking down on military-everything including "halting movement" so...

I think it's important to keep blogging during this weird time. I saw an article (I think it was in the Boston Globe?) saying you should keep a journal while all of the social distancing is happening, so you can remember it later. Well, the idea of physically writing down something only for me to read later is something I've never actually been good at doing. I never was able to keep a true diary as a kid. I think that's why blogging has always appealed to me so much: I like putting my thoughts out and about for others.

So, keep blogging, please.

We're really into throwing sticks for the dogs and trying to take them away these days.

I handed Wells his snack and walked away the other day. 
This is exactly how I found him a minute later:

I highlighted my hair on Saturday. I let it go for 4 days without washing it because dirty hair does hold color better. It's a fact. However, after day 1, I kept it up in a bun. This led to quite the ache on the back of my head and, to you all who regularly go a week without washing your hair and then brag about it, it's gross. Sorry. 

20 months old and Wells has managed to climb up onto a chair once or twice now. 

Even though Netflix is releasing new shows left and right, our biggest first world problem (truly!) seems to be that we haven't found something that really hooks us, currently. Last week, Ben Shapiro mentioned how great Better Call Saul is; I had watched a few episodes long ago and Scott had never tried it. We're Breaking Bad die-hards and I loved El Camino. So I suggested it and we watched a few episodes and now I think we're on track to follow through with all 4 seasons. I love how smart it is, keeping the world of Breaking Bad going.

Also, I moseyed over to Hulu and clicked around. I didn't know that apparently we've been paying for the Showtime addition (can anyone keep track anymore?). So hello to season 10 of Shameless and also the final season of Homeland.

Desperate times means we need to justify paying for entertainment at home, I suppose.

Speaking of entertainment, these very expensive magnatiles from Christmas don't really entertain him at all. I don't know why he doesn't love them. He usually obsesses over magnets. Maybe eventually.

The panic-buyers are the absolute worst. Just the WORST. I have to go pick up a prescription today, so I'm going to take a scan around the store, but I don't expect there to be much left. Scott went to a more rural store yesterday and said it was still all picked over.

But this does mean I guess we'll have to get creative. I'm on a mission, basically, to recycle Wells' snacks until he finally eats them. Running out of Cheerios and grapes would be a threat-level-midnight situation in this house. Yesterday, I made banana bread and pizza dough. I froze half the dough. What's nice about that recipe is that it makes enough for two thin crust pizzas.

He's kind of over the highchair. He likes to just sit at the table, but you have to sit with him. 

How are you passing the time this week? (and, you know, for the next month)


  1. Yes, please keep blogging :) I just like seeing how everyone is handling everything & what its like all over the country

  2. Well I still get to work...Keith has to work but remotely so teachers can teach from home...and I plan to blog more with this time, I hope!

  3. I'm actually having more interaction than usual now because Jan is also working from home. He's taken over the spare room but I see him when he emerges for lunch.
    Our supermarket was pretty empty on Saturday but better today (except no sugar or flour and very little frozen fish).I'm hoping that means the stockpilers have filled up their homes and now the rest of us are going to get a chance to buy normal amounts!

  4. I love reading about how people are handling this whole situation. Yes to blogging! We've been watching Better Call Saul, too! I never saw Breaking Bad until I was bedridden my first trimester. Then we blew through it every evening. I loved it way more than I expected.


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