March 3, 2020

Amazon lately...

It was kind of a slow month on Amazon for me. I reordered the essential oils I mentioned before and then, since I was doing a self-imposed no-spend challenge (more on this later in the week), I wasn't buying much online. But these are a few things we did actually need in more ways than one, so I just grabbed them in an effort to make life easier. If the difference between hard and easy is $12, I might as well just spend $12.

Slippers. I usually buy one pair of slippers each winter. This year, I've gone through three, probably because I'm at home all day. I always look for a rubber sole because they need to be worn in the basement and possibly outside in an emergency. I always spend less than $20 and ideally less than $15. These were $15.
 Walmart had absolutely none when I was there the other day. I assumed that was because it was "almost summer" in the eyes of retailers but I bought slippers in July in Laramie a couple of years ago. That's how I ended up just placing a Prime order last week.

Blackout curtains.  In a futile attempt at a last-ditch effort of curbing early morning toddler wake-ups, I grabbed these paper blackout curtains Taking Cara Babies recommended. THEY ARE FANTASTIC. They work, first of all. They are virtually foolproof to put up. And there are like 4 sets (maybe more, I didn't open the box all the way) in the package. I put up one. Will overlap it with another in a month or so when it's lighter out. I left the rest in the package and I'll hang them when we move somewhere else. It's an amazing deal. They're not gorgeous to look at, but this kid currently has a purple carpet so I'm not concerned right now about that. I hatehatehate hanging curtain rods more than just about anything else when it comes to moving into a new place. I'm terrible at it. And I didn't want to do it in Wells' room so...I just never did. Buy these if you need a blackout curtain solution.

Backseat car organizer. I need more extras in the car having a toddler than I ever did with a baby. This is perfect and sits on the floor of the backseat. Eliminates so much clutter. Recommended by Nadine!

Mouse traps. I told the mouse story on Friday. Don't bother with humane traps. Mice need to be gotten rid of, not just slightly displaced. They carry disease (end rant). These just work so much better than the fancy ones. We use honey and a piece of dog food as the bait. This comes from experience, eliminating mice from our remodeling project we bought on the prairie a few years ago.

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  1. The blackout shades are a great idea...problem solved! When we were in England, we had a mouse problem. Give me all the plain, old mousetraps! The only problem we had were some of the mice figuring out how to get the food off the trap without getting caught. Peanut butter helped make it work better. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I love a car organizer! I need a new one for my hatchback.
    My slippers are looking pretty gross at this point of the end of winter - I need to get some new ones

  3. I was looking at car organizers last week. I need one because the back of my SUV is a Disaster. This car has an incredibly small "trunk" so if there's more than 2 things, it looks crowded.

  4. My dad had a humane mousetrap that the mouse kept escaping from. He eventually figured out how it was doing it - basically going all the way into the back and flinging itself forward over and over until the little door opened. He took it way across to the other side of the field behind the house before releasing it (most likely where it came from in the first place - usually they don't come in the houses but it was a particularly cold winter that year.)


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