March 6, 2020

3 Friday Things.

1. I've taken 3 pictures with my phone this week. This is one.

2.  This week in trash TV:

Thoughts on Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette? I really liked her on Winter Games two years ago but I didn't watch Juan Pablo's season.
But I think Clare will be a nice switch-up and will hopefully discourage all the 22 1/2 year olds from joining The Bachelor cast and treating it as Bachelorette bootcamp. I think it's funny that, likely, Hannah Ann probably assumed she'd be a shoe-in for Bachelorette if she didn't win. Her responses to everything are so canned.

I read Reality Steve's spoilers on what happens during the finale next week and it's not shocking. It's pretty much what we all assumed would happen.

So, this past week was boring. I usually see WTA and MTA as a cringe-fest so I barely watch.

Also, I found the Love is Blind reunion to be a cringe-fest as well. I watched 10 minutes last night and maybe I'll finish it this weekend. Thoughts?

3. A few funnies:


  1. Is it worth finishing WTA? I kinda got bored and stopped in the middle.

    I like Clare's age. Itll be interesting to see older men. I hear they are even branching out to seniors.

  2. The reunion was SO boring. Also, Amber needs to move TF on! So petty and childish. That meme about the cops made me LOL.

  3. I wasn't even a fan of Clare in the past, but I am relieved that she is the Bachelorette. 1) I think it will be good to swing the age range older again, and 2) I'm just really relieved it's not Hannah Brown!

  4. I read the spoilers too and I was thoroughly disappointed. Seems a lot like the last Bachelor season.


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