February 4, 2020

Amazon lately...

Last weekend, Wells did *something* with his toothbrush. I don't know what. I haven't found it yet. He also likes to pull out the bristles with his teeth, so many a baby toothbrush is easily ruined for us.

However, I do like to let him "brush" his own teeth for a few minutes before I go over them. He seems to enjoy it. I like the positive association he gets from the independence of brushing his own teeth.

But this does mean that I feel like I'm always buying baby toothbrushes. They are shockingly expensive.

THIS package is a bargain though! And the toothbrushes are rounded so it's nearly impossible for a toddler to choke/gag on it if they're trying to brush independently.

I don't know if I've complained about this particularly ailment before but, at some point while I was pregnant, my toenails started flaking and falling apart and I had athlete's foot and now, I've had a toenail issue for months. Like, months. The last person I went to for a pedicure over the summer told me that tea tree oil was the single best thing for your toenails, so I dab this on with a Q-tip after showering. I can concur that it's the only thing that has started to heal and properly regrow the nails (all on my right foot...my left foot is fine). Even dermatological products that were prescribed didn't work.

My favorite lamp broke a few weeks ago. The cord became frayed, likely from just being moved so many times and general wear and tear. I'm down to like two nice lamps and kind of refuse to buy more until we move again because...well, I hate when things get broken.
Since I really liked the lamp, Scott ordered a new cord/switch/plug and rewired the lamp for me.

It took me a few decades, but I realized that pillow covers are a thing and that maybe I should get some. These are great. I can't speak to the quality simply because I don't own other pillow covers, but I have washed them a few times and they've held up well (I don't put them in the dryer). I may order another set.

How do you keep mittens on a toddler? You don't, I guess? I ordered some warm and cheap ones because I don't know what else to do. He has had a few pairs of gloves and they just randomly disappear and he doesn't seem to feel the cold, ever.

And I grabbed this while I was thinking of it: Wells has a lamb lovie and it's his favorite of the lovies. I put it in his Easter basket last year and I know that eventually it's going to completely fall apart. This is the back-up.  It's not an exact replica at all, but it's close enough.

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  1. We use those same tooth brushes for our guy! Love the price point too :)

  2. Chris uses tea tree oil on his toes too! Crazy how nothing else works. Don’t you love when things mysteriously go missing?! Kids!

  3. I need so many lamps! & lamp shades!! I never think to look at Amazon.

  4. These are some cute finds! I love seeing what everyone has shared. Our granddaughters would love those toothbrushes. Have a great week!

  5. Great finds this month. I'm so glad your feet are starting to get healthy again. I've heard tea tree oil is also good in acne products and to prevent lice. (ugh) Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  6. Hi Kristin. I hear so many good things about tea tree oil. I have a bottle of it and forget to use it! Argh, this brain of mine. ;) BUT, I have issues with my right foot and those nails too. I just started being consistent there. so there's hope. lol Have a wonderful week!

  7. I love tea tree oil and am out so I'll definitely be grabbing this! I like to doTerra ones best but I just can't with that pricing.


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