February 24, 2020

5 Things to Watch

I don't know about you, but I've found that late winter is when Netflix puts out the best TV. It's like they know we need it. They always know. Lately we've been skipping around from show to show, instead of bingeing full seasons.

But we'll start with HBO...

1. McMillions  This is an HBO documentary. I don't quite remember how we ended up with an HBO add-on to Prime? Is that a thing? I just know that Scott and our friend Jeff turned this on last weekend and it was so good. We watched two episodes and would've kept going...but they're released one at a time each Tuesday. Super interesting if you like mystery documentaries!

2. The Pharmacist. This is like Dateline. Again, we're not finished with it, but it's very interesting and it's sad too. I would recommend it, definitely. It's not really being talked about online and I haven't done much in terms of research or looking into the backstory, but I think it's worth a try.

3. Locke and Key  I haven't finished this. It's a bit YA but it's good. It's mysterious. It's based on a comic book which is not my genre at all (I can't even appreciate a decent graphic novel...poor future Wells). But it's interesting. I won't say much more. Scott watched the whole first season and I'm about 5 episodes into it.

4. Love is Blind. An absolute cringe-fest. Normally this is not my style, but when something is presented to me on Netflix (as opposed to Hulu or regular cable), I'm likely to at least watch the preview. This interested me but it. is. cringey. Very hard to watch at times. I guess I don't understand why they have to get married. Why can't they just choose someone to date after a week or so in "the experiment"? But this is likely a better method of choosing a spouse than regular dating culture...if you really consider it.

5. The Other Guys. I really think this might be the funniest movie I've ever seen. We saw it in the theater back when we went to the movies every week (can you even imagine?!). I really like Mark Wahlberg in just about anything but this takes it to another level. We laugh so hard.

I bring this up now because it's on Netflix now and you should give it a try if you like funny movies. We've watched it twice in the last week.

What have you been watching lately? 


  1. We watched The Pharmacist and it was so good! James was in the pharmacy industry for years, so it was interesting to hear his perspective of it. Ohio has had some major pill mill issues so it hit close to home in a way.

  2. How insane was Love is Blind. I got 6 different people in my office to start watching it. So ridiculous! I loved Locke & Key. Turns out it's by Stephen King's son. I feel like this is why it was so good. Anxiously awaiting Season 2. I've seen the first episode of The Pharmacist but need to watch the rest.


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