January 7, 2020

Amazon lately

This is a little after the fact, but Scott ordered this ugly sweater last month for a work function.

I'm forever trying to keep all my screens clean. I saw these screen wipes recommended on The Balanced Life and they had linked to Thrive Market. I cannot be bothered with either subscription boxes and/or whatever nonsense Thrive Market actually is. I found them on Amazon. Just search the brand on Google and you'll find them somewhere.

Honest mascara was also recommended by TBL. I needed new mascara so I figured I'd try a $15 favorite of so many, instead of my usual $8 whatever-I-can-find at Walmart. I put it in my Christmas stocking as a justification for the "splurge". IT IS AMAZING.

A cheap set of essential oils. I wouldn't not try expensive ones but there's no way...I can't do those price points. I put these in a diffuser and I use them in the shower. Also, don't diffuse tea tree oil if you have dogs (and maybe cats?). It's not good for them.

Carpet cleaner! I use this in our carpet/fabric scrubber every month or so. My quality of life has vastly improved since I started scrubbing the couch and the carpets on a schedule.

A pillow for Wells.

A sleepsack with feet. He's been in the same sacks since spring. They're probably getting a bit tight and I'm sure he'll like having his feet free. But, man, what I wouldn't give for someone to just wrap me in, basically, a sleeping bag and tell me to take a nap. He doesn't know the value of that, obviously.
Also, this is just an example of Amazon and their winningness: my sister-in-law gave us a Target giftcard for Christmas and I thought Perfect! He needs a new sleepsack because I loathe spending money on sleepsacks for some reason. Target had nothing. NOTHING. In store, online, nothing. (and they also weirdly keep canceling my diaper subscription...I *guess* I can just go buy them there? It's nice to have them delivered BUT saving the cardboard might be good for the environment too.)
So to Amazon I went.

And finally:

I found a few gray hairs over Christmas. I ordered this (note: I've ordered it 8 times now) so I could touch up my hair and it was waiting for me on the porch when I got back home a few days later. They do sell these at Walmart, but a trip to Walmart for just highlights seemed like a waste of time. Again: this is why Amazon almost always wins. They don't have it at Target so my options are Walmart or Amazon.

What's the best thing you've ordered from Amazon lately?

This reminds me, since I wrote a post yesterday about considering going back to work, that I used to order Prime Pantry boxes a lot. It was a way to save time on remembering to buy paper products and dry goods. Hauling toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, etc can really put a damper on a "quick" weekend grocery trip. Especially since we lived 40 minutes from town.

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  1. I just got the Honest mascara and I am also loving it!!

  2. I keep seeing an ad for mrs Meyers and it was a whole shebang so I didnt pursue it.

  3. Good to know about the Tree Tea Oil - I didnt know it was bad for animals.
    I'm the same way with Amazon - I buy my root touch up spray color there too - none of the other stores carry RED.. dumb.

  4. That sweater looks like something my husband would love to wear to his office Christmas party. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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