January 2, 2020

A winter craft for kids

If you have some basic art supplies on hand, this is an easy craft!

I found this idea on Pinterest months ago, and made a shopping list for what I would need to make a few of these for grandparents.

Then, I came across Kate's blog post about these canvas handprints and thought, What a neat idea...to just make one for us each year too. 

So, after Christmas, Wells and I made this decoration to store away for next year. We made a Christmas tree, just like the ones I had wrapped up for his grandparents earlier in December. Next year, maybe a reindeer?

This can easily be made into a winter craft, not just a Christmas one. A toddler/kid hand as a snowflake would be really cute. I used finger paint so clean-up was really easy. (Which was helpful when the green jar fell and blood-spattered the kitchen.) The brushes were just Crayola kiddie paintbrushes I had leftover from another project.

So, if you're in the mood to craft with a kid (hahaha...never maybe?), this is an idea for these long winter days to come.


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