January 21, 2020

A (very late) birthday recap

This is just a random compilation of things I wanted to share from a few weeks ago...

I baked this cake, and just made a basic buttercream. I wasn't disappointed. I like a thick, sugary frosting, personally. 

My hand-mixer died last year, so my mom got me a new one for Christmas, plus the mixing bowl I'd been wanting since I was a teenager. She always had one and it makes dips and frosting so much easier because they don't splatter everywhere. Tupperware makes them and I'd never gotten around to ordering one, but I would think about it every time I would make frosting. That has seemed to be a lot, so this is much appreciated. 
Hand-mixers are the best way to make frostings, always. 

We stopped at a bakery and got these macarons. They were okay? I feel like I've never had any, so I have no frame of reference. My cousin, who has had macarons all over the world, said they were legitimate. 
They weren't sweet enough for me, but maybe that just is what it is.

My cousin also brought a cake from Whole Foods and it was good. Light, fluffy frosting that definitely contributed to the sugar-hangover I had all weekend.

I ordered myself this bag. Scout enjoyed the paper. It came with like 7 newspapers worth of wrapping. I don't understand why. 

It looks great with my sweatpants, right? 
More on this tomorrow.

I also grabbed these pans at Costco and called them a birthday present. They've been on my "maybe to buy" list for over a year. 

Wells was in a mood after his nap.

But not too much of a mood that he couldn't stuff down some crab rangoon at a Thai restaurant downtown.

I think he ate 3. 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like a great time celebrating.

  2. Ahh - look at all the sweet treats.
    I'm not a fan of macaroons either. They look like they'd be sweeter than they are. I'm not a fan of the texture of them too
    Like the bag - & it does indeed go with sweats :)


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