January 31, 2020

7 on Friday.


Well, I've officially been sick three times now since November. I'm not sure what that's about. I went 18 months without a sniffle or cough or a fever or anything and now it's averaging once a month. Wells doesn't get it, aside from maybe a runny nose for a day or two. I'm the one who gets it.

2. The other night, I went to The Office trivia. I am horrible at naming things and they put the pressure of Choose a team name now! on us and we went with "Alfredo's Pizza Cafe" because we were talking about our favorite scenes.

It was just me and my cousin who went. We didn't have 4-6 people like most teams and, according to her (she goes to trivia all over the place), this one didn't have the best variety/types of questions. Obviously we knew the true Office questions. But did you know that The Cardigans song that Jim hums in season 3 is called "Lovefool"? I didn't. Who knows the actual name of that song?

Also, who knows/cares how many people watched the premiere episode in 2005? (11.2 million)

But the pizza scene and this one: It's a tie for my favorite ever.


The guilt I feel for not having a 35 acre field for him to run through is real. Walks/runs have been few this week because I've been sick and the cold isn't awesome when you're sick.

4. I ordered this stuff from Amazon at 6am on Sunday and it showed up before 6pm. That's scary and amazing and I don't want to know how it works. It's at the point where I get annoyed and impatient if something from a store takes a week (like the coat I posted Wednesday).

Toddler mittens, baby toothbrushes, tea tree oil, and Legos I'd had in the cart for awhile. They'll be for Valentine's Day. I am likely going to be the mom who buys the kid a toy for V-Day. Boys don't generally "do" V-Day. He can't possibly care, even in two or three years. 
I needed that same-day delivery for the toothbrushes. 

5. I kind of want to buy the PBS Kids app because I'm quite tired of the first two seasons of Daniel Tiger that are free on Amazon.

O the Owl is my favorite character.

6. I bought this blush last week. 

I had ordered a half-off blush from BeautyCounter because I figured why not and it was on sale. Then I was informed it was never coming (3 weeks later) because it was sold out. 
So I grabbed this one from Target. Thoughts? I've worn it once in a week but now that my skin is under control, I'm looking to get back in the habit of blush again. I had Bare Minerals a few years ago but threw it away at some point. 

7. I'm trying to sell a few things on Facebook Marketplace. These are super easy to ship if you're interested!

J. Crew Puffer Vest. Like new. It's a small but fits like a medium. $20 + shipping. 

Herschel canvas tote. Like new. $15 + shipping. 


I dropped the ball a bit yesterday and didn't post, but I will have another exciting Bachelor post this weekend :)

"Exciting"? It sounds better with the quotations.


  1. I felt the same way when I went to disney trivia. Apparently I dont pay that close attention to details in movies ha!

  2. Office trivia??? That sounds so fun. I’ve never done a trivia night, but that’s something I could dominate. I miss living in Columbus when we could do Prime Now and have stuff in 2 hours.

  3. We have that same Duplo train! Only in the last month or two Cyrus has been really getting into his Duplos, a friend gave him a set for his first birthday but he didn't really get the hang of them for a long time. I'm glad he plays with them now because I secretly enjoy building legos...hahah!


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