December 11, 2019

Stuff and Things Wednesday 12/11

I thought about starting up Stuff and Things Thursday again, just for me, so I have a place to drop all the random tidbits each week. But I don't have time to get much of anything else together for today and something another blogger said once really stuck with me: this really should be a 30 minute a day hobby right now. As in, I probably do spend more than 30 minutes reading/writing/commenting on a lot of days, but putting together a post shouldn't take me longer than 30 minutes right now.

So here's a bit of the last week...

Remember the giant hole in downtown Pittsburgh from the bus falling through a sinkhole? The hole is still there. I would've taken a better picture but I looked like a tourist and people were kind of looking at me. 

At Scott's office, they had a cookie-baking contest and someone submitted bus-in-a-sinkhole cookies:

Stroller walks. He's walking more and more on his own but not when we walk the dogs. 

I made peppermint fudge last weekend. 

We went to a Mexican place yesterday and Wells enjoyed the chips/guac with a side of grapes. I gave him a bit of taco and he liked it and then got a spicy piece and didn't like it anymore. 

That placemat worked great! He didn't even notice it. 

I procrastinated ordering Wells a personalized ornament this year. I thought about it at the end of October, found one I loved, then lost the link, and never thought about it again until this past week. 
I like family ornaments and got one last year, but I'm weird about ordering something without the dogs on it and not many personalized ornaments are able to include two dogs and the dog in question on an ornament is always a golden retriever it seems. 
Last year, I got all 5 of us on an ornament. 
This year, I ordered one for just Wells, and I got us a Pittsburgh ornament since that's where we're living this Christmas. 

Anyway, this is what I settled on at 6am this morning. Fingers crossed it arrives for Christmas? 

Also, speaking of dropping the ball, I never sent out any sort of change of address when we moved...which is probably why the only Christmas card we've received so far is from my brother. 

I ordered cards last week and should have them in the mail next week. 

And speaking of ordering...I've ordered 3 items from Uniqlo in the last 3 weeks and I've gotten two emails like this:

One of my items was canceled completely. 
 And then I'll get a promotional email, attempting to entice me in to buy more. Why-would-I-do-that??? They're also still advertising two-day shipping on their site. I don't believe that. 

Also, my holiday shopping isn't done yet. I feel like I'm definitely running out of time, given that I order most things online. If Uniqlo doesn't come through, I'm in trouble.


  1. That fox ornament is SO cute. Some of my relatives have done the one ornament for each kid for every year, and it's really cool now that the kids are grown up and have their whole collection of special ornaments. My family never did, for reasons related to moving too often. :P I had a very memorable dream as a child of a road sinkhole that looked just like that, but I always kind of assumed such things didn't happen in real life...kind of terrifying...

  2. Thank you for the shout out! You have been posting so regularly. Sorry I don’t always comment. Life is super busy right now. Keep up the great posts, though!

  3. Thank you for the shout out Kristen! The fudge looks so good! I splurged and tried the new peppermint chocolate blizzard at DQ last weekend. I love that combo. The sink hole and the cookies are funny and sad at the same time!

  4. Dang, that's a big ole' sinkhole! Love how someone created cookies from it.

  5. Those sinkhole cookies are amazing and made me laugh.


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