December 19, 2019

Stuff and Things 12/19

+ I bought this sherpa from Costco for $20.

I was going to give it as a gift but that didn't work out, so I kept it. I'm not going to try and return something to Costco if I don't absolutely have to. It's a size bigger than I would've gotten for myself but that means it's long enough to actually wear with leggings. It's big but it's not puffy. Costco has some great clothes, you have to time to scoot through the aisles the next time you're there to buy frozen food.

+  Who is still listening to The Office Ladies? Jenna is being super annoying with her "classically trained" schtick. She talks about how she and Rainn were the actual trained actors in the cast, I think, as a way to give herself some credibility because everyone else had an improv background. The only difference: Rainn is funny as Dwight. Jenna is not funny as Pam. And if you rewatch with this in mind, you'll start to see exactly how unfunny and annoying Pam really is (because I was stuck, somewhat, with a toddler all weekend by myself so that's what we did: rewatched to see how unfunny Pam is).

+And, in the realm of old TV, Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor is on Netflix. I wasn't watching back then so, if you want to feel old, go for it. I watched Jake Pavelka's season in 2010 out of sheer boredom and didn't watch again until 2015. Jason Mesnick looks like a mash-up of Ben Higgins and Pilot Pete.

+Speaking of TV, I'm back to watching Shameless on a loop at night. Fiona works at Worldwide Cups in season 3 and that's the highest point of Fiona's life, in my opinion. Everything after that is downhill.

+ And, last TV/movie thing... I considered rewatching all the Star Wars movies because I would like to go see The Rise of Skywalker next week. 

However, I cannot suffer through Natalie Portman. She bothers me on a level I didn't know I had.
So, that plan was out after half of The Phantom Menace. 

+Tweets of the week: 


  1. I actually wanted to go back &watch it just because - NO COMMERCIALS - it'll be funny to look back & know the messed up ending / happily ever after ending actually.
    WIN for a gift that turns out for you. I like that that's bigger. Good to put some sweaters on underneath.
    UGH - that doesnt surprise me about "Pam"... I've seen her in interviews where I thought she came across as a stuffy sort of actress

  2. Cute sherpa!! They do have cute clothes, but my companion is usually in a rush. I need to go without him and look more!


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