December 4, 2019

Amazon lately

Fun fact: I intentionally set a post for YESTERDAY because I knew this link-up was happening YESTERDAY and I buy so many random things on Amazon that I thought it'd be fun to share and then...I completely forgot about it.

Better a day late than giving up for another month, I suppose.

First up, we have exactly two Subscribe and Save items because I was always running out.

Dog bones.

And baby treats.

Then some randoms I needed this month:

Acrylic paint pens. I bought these for some Christmas gifts I made, and I have no high standards on the quality of art projects but they did exactly what I needed them to do so I would recommend them.

These baby-proof cabinet locks. I wanted something that wasn't a permanent fixture since we're renting this house. Most of the time these just hang off of one cabinet door and I only lock 3 of our cabinets when Wells is in the kitchen with me. I like that I don't have to use them all of the time.

These frames. I had two 8x8 pictures of Wells from his 1st birthday and you can't buy 8x8 frames in most stores (Snapfish just told me that's how they fit best so that's what I ordered). I almost got these in light blue but wasn't sure what that light blue would actually look like so I went with brown. I'll put them in his room at some point, and he already has a lot of blue in there. The weird thing, when you move so much, is that you don't become attached to color schemes. You can't because nothing will ever match long-term. Brown is always a safe bet.

That's it for this past month. Super boring, actually. I don't buy fun things on Amazon, as you can see. It's just more necessity, I suppose. As a friend told me the other day, Amazon is great if you know what you want. It's not good for browsing. If I'm going to browse, for Christmas gifts, etc, I'm going to go to a store.

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  1. Acrylic pens??? I'm checking those out right now!!!! I just love finding rocks/stones to paint on & those would be perfect!

  2. I love being able to find random sized frames on Amazon. So convenient. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. I definitely think for "fun"'s gotta be in a store. Actually, I buy almost nothing online because it's so uncertain/full of hassle (i.e. the last thing that got mailed to us, I didn't even buy, it was an envelope with two books inside, a gift from my flagged by customs and we had to drive an hour away and go to the mainland to show up in person so they could open it up and clear it through customs.) Hence why I buy nothing and ask for no care packages--they might arrive at my house or they might not. We ordered a stroller one time and it simply never, ever arrived. ??
    But I did order a baby book and stockings over black friday weekend, with plans to pick them up in person in the USA this coming summer. So that's the most online shopping I've done in a long time!


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