November 8, 2019

5 Grateful Things.

I should've done this last Friday but I think I was feeling particularly annoyed for some reason. I can't even remember why now, to be honest.

Here's a short list of 5 things I'm grateful for this week:

1. New boots.

I ordered these and expected to just wrap them up for Christmas but...I was reminded that the reason I bought them is because it rains like 207 days a year here or something. So here we are. I ordered online and guessed at the size and they fit perfect with a thick sock, which is what I would wear with rain boots anyway. Do you all recommend the Hunter socks to go with them? I was thinking that might not be a bad investment. I have a pair of cheaper ($40) rain boots for muddy, mucky outdoor tasks, and they're higher, which is why I got these in the shorter style.

2. Wells had a playdate. Goodness, it's nice to have a friend. Also, it's so good for Wells to interact one on one with another kid or two, instead of a whole room of toddlers.

3. Having a healthy kid. Just on top of the general fact that Wells was born healthy and well, he also rarely (KNOCK ON WOOD) is sick or sick-ish. He's had a fever once (that was not related to vaccines) and he's had the occasional runny nose but it always goes away in a couple of days.
I bought into the elderberry syrup trend this year though, so he's been getting a dose each day and we've been taking the gummies each day.
I got those ones from Amazon but if you have a brand you recommend, let me know!

4. This house is drafty and old (and stupid) but I'm grateful I invested in flannel sheets and a down comforter and a flannel duvet cover about 3 years ago. It was never as particularly useful in Colorado, but man. I'm glad I have it now. That is all going on our bed today. Especially because Scott fell asleep on the couch last night and, let's face it, the dogs sleep where Scott sleeps (they sleep by the front door if he's not home at night...sigh), so I was particularly cold last night.

5. I'm oddly grateful for Pinterest. It's not the novelty it once was back in 2011 or so, but it's still my go-to for recipes, crafty ideas, and funny memes.

And, since you all are listening to Christmas music already...

And, finally, if you want something funny to watch on this Friday, we came across this video again, after years, and laughed a lot the other night.

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  1. I can get lost in Pinterest myself.
    Those boots! I need some good ones for the winter just for going & mucking in the barn when its rainy & snowy

  2. I have a love hate relationship with pinterest...sometimes I love it and pin away...sometimes I hate it and I'm like darn you!

  3. if it rained a lot here i forsure would get a pair of hunters...i love them.


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