October 28, 2019


This weekend, I went to Target and came home with nothing because I couldn't find anything. Also, we had a playdate that went tremendously well, but it threw off nap schedules for all involved and Wells also would not go to sleep last night. 
And the dogs went hunting and we ended up with a tick problem (again...for the third? eighth? something? time). So I did a lot of cleaning.
But here's the other stuff. 

Went for a long walk Saturday morning.

Took Wells to Walmart and ended up toy shopping. I've been fascinated with toy aisles in the last few months so I picked him up a few Christmas presents. I have everything else I want to get him on an Amazon list.

Made soup. Recipe to be shared this week.

Started listening to this, since it's the new thing to do. And I do want to rewatch now, even though I've probably rewatched a dozen+ times.

Now seems like a great time to drop this in (2007)

Went to the zoo and watched the giraffes while he ate.


Also, when we got there, everyone was in costumes. Had no idea it was one of the many Zoo Boo days. I thought they'd already had it *every* *other* weekend in October. 
Anyway. Sorry kid.


  1. that's the one thing i dont know what to do about dogs - when they get ticks. i wouldn't be able to handle the stress of omg what else did they bring home? and then will proceed to throw everything way because paranoia!

  2. Is your zoo free? I might just be spoiled since stl's is but just curious. looks fun, costume or not!

  3. I miss taking my kids to the Boo at the Zoo in St. Louis. Love the colors of fall leaves.


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