September 25, 2019

What's in my bag? {September 2019}

I always like to see what's in other peoples' totes.

Not just purses, but why is it necessary to carry a tote bag if you're not going to use that bag for necessities?

Longchamps and Neverfulls particularly interest me (though I will *never* have a *never*full unless I walk into a lot of disposable income with no better purpose). I always like to see what people deem important; many use Longchamps for travel, for work, for day-to-day, etc. I never could quite get behind using an expensive bag to tote around germy school papers/supplies, and I don't often day-to-day it is. I bought this organizer last winter. It has a zipper pocket in the middle and most organizers don't. The "medium" size fits a Large Le Pilage Tote.

While I would really enjoy the idea of using one of my favorite crossbody bags right now, it's just not practical. Wells goes everywhere I go, so it's nice to just stuff any necessities in one bag and not worry about whether I have a diaper bag with me at all times. I usually still keep the diaper bag in the car and just reload it once a week or so if we've been out and about a lot. It also gets reloaded after every playgroup (toys get washed, snacks get replenished, etc).

But, day to day, it's nice that I can just grab one bag and go out the door. I needed to clean this bag out after a few weeks anyway, so I figured I'd take a couple of pictures.

From the top, clockwise:

Wells' snacks, dog bag(?), stuck-in-traffic snacks, lots of change that I put in the change jar, cheap sunglasses, water bottle, toddler jacket and extra pair of socks (?), wallet (Fossil, < $50), pouch with chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc; receipts to be thrown away, multiple shopping lists to be thrown away, be thrown away.

In the middle is the anniversary band Scott got me for our 10 year anniversary this year (I think I forgot to share it here) was in the side pocket because jewelry bothers me if there's anything messy happening and I took it off for some reason or another. Whoops. 

Rose gold, right hand ring. 

And I refilled the snack container. I haven't gotten a fancy one (the non-spilling kind) because baby dishes/supplies can quickly take over your kitchen, and he does pretty well with just this. Also, he drinks really well out of my water bottle so I generally only take this one with us, and not his own cup, when we go on short trips out of the house. I haven't made use of the cupholder on his carseat yet. 

Other posts filed under "Purse" can be found here. There's a lot of them. 

How did you transition in your "purse life" after a baby? It's slightly more complicated for me than it used to be!


  1. I might always keep snacks in my bag and I am a 29 year old single. I use a Barrington gifts tote as my work and daily bag but I loved my Longchamp in college and at previous jobs when I wasn't always carrying a laptop.

  2. Your whole purse contents change with that new addition, doesnt it? Gone are the lip glosses & little notepads & pens & cute little things.. all snacks, wipes & toys. #momlife

  3. Oh yes, looks just like my purse too. All the mom stuff. LOL


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