September 30, 2019

October Goals.

Let's recap September...

How did September fly by so quickly? I'm not normally one to think this way. Actually, I thought two weeks ago was the last week in September and it was not, so I was really thinking this then and now it's just like, okay, maybe it was an appropriate length of time. 

Finish baby book- Done. This was leftover from August. Actually, what I finished was his baby calendar...the baby book is something I haven't seen since week 36 of pregnancy. Sigh.

Sell things- No. I listed everything. No one wanted anything. I have noticed that people will bite at the weirdest "for sale" posts though. And many I know here usually "ask around" to see if anything is free (that exact specific item). I like the idea of getting use out of an item more than once, more than I like the idea of giving something away for free (Goodwill is kind of sketchy in their business practices, I believe). And I like the idea of giving something away more than I like the idea of packing up some of this baby gear to move across the country next year. We'll see what happens.

Sort Wells' clothes/get fall clothes-  I did sort a lot of his clothes but it's been so warm here that he's still wearing whatever fits from summer. My mom and dad, I admit, bought him his fall wardrobe. So he's ready to go whenever it decides to cool off. The winter coat I bought him in February still fits so maybe that'll last til Christmas. He also got new sneakers a few weeks ago, fitted properly at Stride Rite, so fingers crossed they also last the rest of 2019.

Also...I got fall soap, ordered picture prints from the last few months, and figured out that my driver's license is good for as long as Scott's in the military with no renewals needed.

I also read 2+ books and Wells has a Halloween costume.

And I did contact the rental agency about renewing our lease...they said it "shouldn't be a problem" so I'll make a note to follow up in a month.

That was a long recap ^

Moving on.

Bathroom/Linen closet clean-out. Having been in this house for 9+ months, it's time to start reorganizing. I intentionally used up products/downsized when we moved last year because I didn't want to take useless things with us, including half-empty bottles. Now, I'm going to do a clean-out to prevent stockpiling.

Toddler Time. This is cheating because I already did it, but I started taking Wells to Toddler Time in September. I was going to wait until October, but he just up and started walking (not just toddling) over Labor Day weekend, so I figured he was ready. He does fine there because there's a lot of other June/July babies who are just his age. Now I need to transition him out of the baby group he's in. I really enjoy it and he's not a bully or anything so he can get along with 9-12 month olds just fine...I just can't keep him there forever.

Go to one fall-ish festival. There's multiple fall festivals in this part of the country and I have one in mind for October. The goal is to get there or get to at least one.

Paint a pumpkin. I decided that instead of carving pumpkins (which I haven't done since elementary school anyway), I will pull out the finger paint and Wells can paint a pumpkin.

15 month pictures. I haven't taken pictures since 12 months because he won't sit still and I'm not going to be one of those who takes pictures every month until kindergarten (I know someone who does). But I figured I'd instead update with pictures and a post every three months or so.

That may be enough for one month.


  1. Which two books did you read?!? :)

    1. The Family Upstairs and Where the Crawdads Sing!

  2. take before/after pics of your organizing journey; you know we all love those posts :)

  3. I keep trying to convince the hubs to just give all our stuff away too in the garage instead of doing a yard sale - that will NEVERRRR HAPPENNNN

  4. I've been selling a few things here and there on FB Marketplace. It is so surprising the stuff that people do want vs what no one is interested in!

  5. I loathe dealing with people on FB marketplace. I’ve had ok luck with offerup. I’m also not a fan of goodwill, so I’ve been donating to a thrift store nearby whose proceeds go toward helping women/children affected by domestic violence.

  6. Oof I still need to get Connor's Halloween costume. Also he's ready for fall based completely on outfits gifted from family and friends. Phew!

  7. I hope you take a picture of the finished pumpkin!


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