August 19, 2019

Summer Weekend #...9?

I think. This is why I don't keep track of things.

I posted a catch-up on last week on Saturday, in case you don't read blogs on Saturday.

Wells and I were kind of on our own this weekend. It was miserably hot too.

I had a dentist appointment so Wells had his first experience with a real babysitter: the neighbor. She just adores him so they played together for about an hour. I bought him this bucket because he loves putting toys in and taking them back out.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to pick up something I needed to make...maybe I'll share that later this week, since I'm on a "craft" (used loosely) kick. 

I had huge plans to highlight my hair. I had just put the cap on and pulled all my hair through and Wells was napping...when another neighbor rang the doorbell. And then I had to take the cap off so as not to look like too much of an insane person and then Wells woke up (from the doorbell) and so I had to highlight my hair with him awake and crawling around which was lots of fun. 

When it's just me and Wells on a weekend day, I take him to the nice Target because they have more of a selection than the one down the street. 
Very exciting.
There were lots of screaming/crying/yelling elementary school-aged children so going the weekend before school starts here likely wasn't the best choice. 

My hair did get highlighted. Not too bad for $11. 

And then I bought myself a new Longchamp last week. The motivation here was that my other larger one was 6+ years old and the pocket inside wasn't big enough to hold a modern-day cell phone and the straps were pretty worn. As well as, the small Longchamp I have has actual holes in it from being used so much. It's also 6 years old. I suppose I can't complain a ton about that because I got a lot of use out of it. 
I put the felt purse organizer in this one and it holds its shape well. 

If you're starting school this week, have fun!


  1. Kid mullet - that's hilarious!!!!!
    Its crazy how JUST LIKE THAT, Wells looks nothing like a baby anymore & totally 100% toddler! WHYYYY so fast?
    I knows Wells feels me the way he's looking at that yarn :)

  2. I love your new Longchamp! If you divide the cost by 6 years it pays off, no?
    Love that meme!


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