August 9, 2019

5 on Friday.

I *meant* to have a craft post for you all yesterday because I did something crafty over the weekend but I didn't get around to taking pictures, so here we are: 5 things from this week.

1. Mostly, I've been so overtaken with sleep training the baby that I can't focus on anything else. It's been a process and I know it's going to take more time than just this week. I've been posting updates on IG stories, mainly for my own reference so I have it archived.

I think I changed his diaper at this point, hoping he'd just go back to sleep and I believe he did but only for an hour. I ended up rocking him for a bit. I know that sounds like I'm backsliding but his true comfort is a bottle and I know his teeth were bothering him, so rocking and patting was my compromise. 
Anything to avoid a bottle between 7pm and 7am!

2.  I made granola twice this week and a taco casserole that I thought was really tasty. I put queso on mine and ate nachos for dinner two nights in a row. I also used a brown rice/lentil mix that I had, so they were extra healthy. Also, I put corn tortillas on top instead of crushed chips just because I had them.


Speaking of food, I admit I have a lot of fun coming up with Wells' meals. I might do a post on this. 

4.  I was stuck at a standstill (like, some cars in park) yesterday so I snapped a picture.

This is Pittsburgh traffic. It's a clusterf*%$ free-for-all. There are no rules. If you just glanced at this from above, you'd probably assume it was that scene in TheWalking Dead where everyone was trying to get out of Atlanta.

In this particular spot, 3 lanes plus one merging lane are required to move into 1-2 lanes and there's a stoplight about 1/4 a mile ahead where two more lanes merge in from the left.

I don't recommend this place.

5. As for BIP...I have a lot more respect for Blake now that I know his IG handle is @balockaye.h . A sense of humor is totally appreciated. Also, we have a friend named Blake and that's what we call him. (True story: I had a student named Aaron one year and another kid called him A-A-ron and it led to a playground fight.)

And maybe Caelynn is a villain here? Did you read the texts? Or at least, as guilty as Blake? I've been deep-diving into Reality Steve's last few weeks of posts and it seems like this is an actual misunderstanding of language and intentions.  As well as, this is the prime example of why hook-up culture is so bad and awful for everyone involved.

As in, this all could have been avoided.

Also, Kristina: I used to really like her. It's unfortunate that she's become such a sell-out. I loved it when Cam asked her when she was from and she said Kentucky and he asked if she lived there now and she said she lives in Los Angeles and he said Of course you do. LOLOLOL

I like Cam.

Also, if my kid is going to share a name with anyone from this franchise, I'm glad it's the voice of reason:


  1. Ugh, traffic sucks in every city! I loved Wells from The Bachelorette/BIP. I've always found him super cute! That taco casserole looks AMAZING.

  2. sleep training is NO joke! it's tough and shitty but once they get the hang of it, it gets much better. hang in there!

  3. That taco casserole looks amazing!

  4. Haven't started BIP yet...oops!

  5. I couldn't live in the bit city because traffic would drive me bat crap crazy. Seems to me that Caelynn isn't so innocent and she was hoping Blake would go ga-ga all over her at BIP just because they'd previously hooked up.


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