April 3, 2019

Since we last spoke...2nd edition

In case you haven't noticed the pattern, I'm trying to blog three times a week, opposed to the four times a week I was blogging a year ago.
Since I couldn't get my act together on Monday or Tuesday, this week is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
I know I shouldn't be so fixated on routine and having things on certain days at certain times, but I'm coming off of 10 years where I had everything planned out in roughly 30 minute blocks, all day long. I'm very used to my days being set up that way and now that my job is to take care of a baby and set up my own schedule, I tend to get really hung up on routine, still.


Maybe this will just be a monthly thing where I don't just recap, but I update.

As of the first week in February, our Colorado house went under contract. They offered, we countered, they accepted.

Scott flew back to Colorado on Presidents' Day weekend. They did the home inspection that weekend and he wanted to fix whatever he could because that'd be his last chance to go back there since he had a 4-day weekend. My parents came to visit us.

Scott went to California for work during the last week in February. My mother-in-law came to stay with us that week because #1 I'm getting to be weak and #2 She could spend time with Wells.

We were housebound for way too many days because of the cold.

We closed on our house on Friday, March 8th.

We bought a new SUV.

I did a 23 and Me Ancestry DNA test.
The neat thing is that this profile matches what my family has told me, based on when my ancestors arrived in the U.S. and where they came from.

I want to say we've settled into Pittsburgh but we've had not a full weekend together since we've been here (mid-January). Scott had to leave Sunday, for example, for a work trip and got back very late last night. This coming weekend, I'll be going home for my sister-in-law's baby shower. Next weekend, I don't know yet, and the weekend after that is Easter.
We haven't actually DONE anything here yet. Mostly it's just Scott going to work and me keeping everyone alive and chipping away at little things during the week, and the weekends have been cold and miserable so far. Truly, we can't seem to get two warm weekend days in a row!

Experiencing... our first Pennsylvania spring since 2009. It's cold and rainy. So yeah, that's about right.

Appreciating... that I'm giving myself a lot more grace on our living situation. This is literally *just* a rental. And it's hard to live in a rental after you've owned your last two houses. Scott has LITERALLY already started looking at houses for our next location, which won't be for well over a year from now. This is all so temporary and is just for right now and it is what it is. We'll obviously always remember our time in Pittsburgh, but it's just like our time in Alaska and our time in Missouri and our time in Colorado and our time in Wyoming: temporary. So I'm trying to not stress out over all of the little things I wish were different.
It is absolutely striking to me how our houses in Alaska and our house in Missouri felt so much more like home than this place does. They were just rentals too, after all.

Wishlisting... I feel like I'm trying to buyallthethings in anticipation of spring and summer? Last spring, I was quite pregnant and didn't want anything new or fun. Same with summer. I like this.

Posting... Not nearly as much as I should. I have things to say, believe me, but something always stops me from writing and publishing. I wish I could go private for a bit? Or forever, and just funnel in the people I'd like to read it.
But you can see all the links at the beginning of this post to see what I've been up to lately.

Considering... Wells' first birthday. While I really miss the newborn dinosaur-and-kitten-noise-making constant yawning stage, I do love seeing him learn and do new things. He is all over the place now, and even made a weak attempt at holding his own bottle on Monday.

First pair of jeans and his little crossed feet.

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  1. That last picture of Wells is so cute, with his little feet crossed! Sorry Pittsburgh isn't feeling all that much like "home" at the moment, but hopefully that will change when the weather gets nicer and you're all able to get out and do more!


  2. Look at his little denim joggers - so cute!!!!
    I love that pink bag.. is it cloth? That'd be nice to toss & clean when it gets stained - because you KNOW its going to get stained #momlife
    Hopefully when spring really kicks in, you all will get to enjoy & experience & explore your new hometown.

  3. Well, now I think Wells’ first bday party theme needs to be dinosaurs and kittens ;)

  4. My mum got one of those 23 and me DNA tests for mother's day (which was in March in the UK). We actually have no idea where my grandad's mum came from - she just showed up in the village (in Ukraine) one day - so it will be exciting to see if anything unexpected shows up.

  5. That tote is so pretty, and the ancestry DNA tests are so cool :)

  6. I want to do one of the DNA tests! So fun. Wells is such a cutie! Glad you had some help while the hubs was away!

  7. look at his little crossed feet - so cute. love the tote! i get really frustrated during what i know are temporary phases, i don't know why. hopefully you get some warm weekends in a row soon!

  8. Wells is looking like a little person now, I love when babies start to look like people.

    Where to next or you guys don't know yet?


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