April 12, 2019

Friday...already? Some stuff and things.

Well, this week flew by more quickly than expected. I prefer weekdays to weekends, to be honest, so I'm always slightly disappointed when Friday rolls around. I like my routine that goes along with weekdays.

Even if this week's routine was all over the place and I got little to nothing done.

On Wednesday I had plans to *finally* clean all the floors and maybe even finish the laundry before meeting up with a friend. I even thought I might get a few blog posts written.

Instead, I plugged my phone into my computer in the morning and it froze on the Apple logo mid-update and wouldn't respond. All the usual tricks to restart, etc didn't work so I knew I'd have to go to the mall. Luckily, the mall is only 20 minutes away but it threw a giant wrench into naptime and anything I'd wanted to accomplish during naptime.

After an hour in the Apple Store, with a stroller and an unruly baby, they did fix my phone but it wasn't easy (which makes me feel better for going in there). The next step would've been to replace the phone because it wouldn't respond to anything but the last thing they tried. It had to be restored to factory settings which was annoying simply because I had to re-download, re-log-in, and re-connect to everything I use my phone for, including my car. I'm still not back in all of my apps. You know, important ones like Twitter. The bluetooth reconnection took forever and, in my opinion, is the best thing ever invented: a phone that connects to your car. So it took all my mental energy to get that working again.


After a dog walk, I headed across town with a napless baby to see a friend. I met Jackie our first week in Alaska and there's something incredibly comforting about seeing someone you've known since you were 23 and brand-new at this army stuff. It's like no new friendship I could've formed since, you know? She kindly posted this circa 2009 picture on Facebook:

Ironically, they are stationed in Pittsburgh too, for the next year. Cheers to getting what and who you need exactly when you need it, right?

Yesterday I was able to get some paperwork, some cleaning, some food prep, AND a shower during naptime. And before the end of the night, I'd gotten everything on the lenient version of my to-do list finished...meaning I had done Pilates and crawled out from the clean clothes that had been piled up since Monday.

Wells also turned 9 months old this week and I'm hopelessly behind on his baby updates and pictures (and I don't even have a job, so let's consider that), but I wanted to wait to get his weight/height at his appointment on Monday before I take official 9 month pictures.

I tried to do some Easter pictures and that didn't work.

The judgiest bunny: 

Moving on...

I need a new diaper bag. I was thinking the Fawn Design bag. I'd had it bookmarked since before I was pregnant but I'm not sure now...The one we have is fine and doesn't scream "diaper bag" but I don't love it enough to carry it with me everywhere now that he's in need of snacks more often. Snacks and bottles leaking in my purse constantly isn't convenient.


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  1. It dawned on me at my nieces 1st birthday that my sister didnt take monthly pics. She tried but forgot and shes like oh well, moms cant remember everything!!


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