March 6, 2019

Currently for the first week in March {a link-up}

Today seems like a good day for a link-up. I have a huge backlog of blog posts that are half done and I mean to finish and schedule them. It's like I'm just waiting for a long naptime when I would have nothing else to do and that never actually happens because I always have other things I make myself do instead. I have this whole new to-do list system that is very effective and I mean to write about's one of those blog posts.

Scheming: I'm always attempting to plan out something. But, to be honest, lately I'm just trying to plan out my days. Literally, it's one day at a time and sometimes I look at the week. But I've also been utilizing Google Calendar because I realized a paper planner will not work for me in this season. This way I can plot things out for months ahead, just to have those reminders already set up. It's very freeing to get things out of my head in this way.

Reading: Currently, I'm reading Ghosted by Rosie Walsh. I've read a lot in the last month, so I'll actually have a book post for next week. I've noticed my habits are not set in stone yet for reading in this new season of life. For example, I used to read before bed and at school when the students would have silent reading time (before there was a baby). Then, when I was pregnant, I'd relax and read for 20-30 minutes after work/exercise each day so I could count kicks and let my heart rate go down. That was my habit. Now, I'll read sometimes during naps and sometimes at night. Depends how good the book is. Some books I've read in a day lately, and some take a week.

Buying: Baby gifts. I have two friends who have had babies this month and, while they definitely live far away because of the military life we lead, I'm especially glad to celebrate them because they both used fertility treatments.

I don't care what anyone says: I think Target has the cutest baby clothes around. Plus they're affordable. (I might have also bought Wells a summer's worth of swimwear while I was there...)

Making: An effort to keep polish on my nails. My manicure last week was the first time in probably a year that I had painted fingernails. However, I'm aware that I look (somewhat) decidedly more put together with painted nails so I'm going to try a bit harder at this.

Accomplishing: Alright, here's my to-do list system. The Sunday Basket. 

I made mine the Monday Basket, though. Monday mornings are when I take care of these sorts of tasks anyway, I've noticed. And the last couple of weeks have been pretty all over the place with visitors and Scott traveling and not everything gets done on Monday, but the idea is that everything paperwork related and to-do list related is in ONE PLACE so I have the chance to chip away at something each day. And I go through the basket from top to bottom at least once a week so things aren't forgotten. (pictures to follow)

I even keep the baby milestone calendar in it so I can remember to fill things out more regularly (I'm not saying I do..I'm saying the opportunity is there. Sigh.)

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  1. What a smart idea to keep your baby calendar in a place where you have your to-dos! I have two kiddos and two baby books....that are not filled out 100%! You'll be glad you did it as your little grows; I now have a hard time remembering who did what when!

  2. ahh - its so fun to celebrate babies after a long road of infertility!!!!

  3. Having my nails painted helps me feel more put together as well!

  4. Oh that to-do list system sounds so smart! As does keeping the baby calendar there too - even if you don't manage to work on it each time, it's at least on your mind :) And I added that book to my to-read list forever ago - good reminder that I wanted to read it!

  5. Aw, I love Target baby clothes. Congrats to your friends too! That's awesome.


  6. I LOVE Target kid clothes. Except the bigger girl's clothes... well, the ones Penny likes anyway ;)

    My reading habits shifted significantly when I had kids! I'm only now trying to get back to what I was before.

  7. Those outfits all look adorable! Congratulations to your friends. I just found out today that our third IUI failed so now we have to decide what to do next.

    I found my baby book when I was at my dad's at the beginning of February. My mum missed out loads and never stuck in any photos in the spaces for them. But she did fill in my first time lost?!

  8. I like Google Keep for an online-ish Sunday basket.

  9. Ghosted has me super intrigued... I'll be interested to read your thoughts on it.

  10. i *love* target baby clothes. i have spent way too much money there. congrats to your friends. ghosted is on my list, hope you like it. the basket idea is brilliant. i love my paper planner, but i don't look at it all the time so i also put reminders in my phone, which is kind of annoying. i think i need to switch to google calendar, at least for appointments and such.


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