January 7, 2019

We're moving to....

We've had orders in hand since August but I'm always hesitant to say THIS IS WHAT WE'RE DOING because we all know the military can change its mind.

The stars up there are the places we've lived over the last nine years. 
For this next assignment, Scott will be working for the Corps of Engineers, which basically means we could live anywhere in the country for the next 1-2 years, not just at an army base. 

Our options were Alaska, Kentucky, or Pennsylvania. 

Also on the list of possibilities, and hard, hard NOs from us were Florida, Texas, and Maryland.  (No to heat and no to Baltimore.)

Anchorage, Alaska would have been the fun option for Scott and the nostalgic one for me. He could hunt and fish. I could introduce Wells to my friends and former coworkers there. We would know exactly what to expect from the place as well. And 1-2 years of non-deployable time was something I'd be able to handle.

Kentucky would've been new to us both, and Louisville (where the job is) sounded like fun.

Pennsylvania would've been the smart choice, since that's where we're from and that's where our families are and such a luxury wasn't something we ever thought would happen with the army life. 

In the end, we got to say where we'd like to go, but the Corps of Engineers tells us where we WILL be going...

Clearly, the benefits of this are huge for us. We'll be less than 3 hours from both of our families, and we also have family living in Pittsburgh. We're from Pennsylvania, grew up there, and went to college there. Now we are excited for the easiness of being back home for at least a year.

Good things:

1. The Steelers. No more Bronco nonsense. (No one looks good in orange)

2. Being around all the people and places we normally only see every few years. I think it'll be a good place to spend Wells' first year or two.

Not great things:

1. We were thinking it'd be nice to introduce Wells and the dogs to Alaska because, even though it has its downsides (for me), it's been an important part of our life together. To be able to see places 10 years later and see our friends who still live there would be nice. But the complications of trying to move to Alaska in January are more than we wanted to take on, in the end.

2. Louisville would've been a fun, new adventure. The best part of the army is getting to travel.

3. Humidity. And cold, wet winters. We're not used to that.

4 month old Wells, before he grew out of his Steelers pajamas. 


  1. being close to family is great; especially for W to be closer and get to know them much better since distance wont really get in the way anymore. the winters DO suck but it's tolerable during the Christmas season because who doesn't love a white christmas?

  2. So excited you'll be in Pittsburgh! Maybe i'll finally get to meet you?? We occasionally get out to visit my in-laws (less now with Alexander, but you never know!)

  3. I see the benefits of moving someplace new or someplace nostalgic, but I also see a huge benefit to being near family -- especially as he gets more mobile.

  4. Aww, that will be nice to be closer to your families for a while! I don't think I've ever even been to Pennsylvania, but my dad is from Pittsburgh haha.

  5. You know I'm a little bummed.... I'm in Louisville! I would have loved to have you near for some coffee dates.

  6. Congrats!! :) I'm so glad y'all will be close to family!

    1. Right?! Something that rarely happens with army life.

  7. Very cool! When do you move? PA is my home state too! Wells is super cute. Can't believe how big he's getting!

  8. Yeah to Pittsburgh!!! Welcome back!! Great that you will be close to you families and it is still the best city in the whole world...I am partial as I was born and raised here!! Can't wait to hear what is the same and what has changed since you left! Congrats! #GoSteelersPenguinsPirates

  9. I think it's great you'll be near family again. Winters won't be fun, but ... maybe Wells will like playing in the snow if you're there long enough to where he's old enough to enjoy it.

    P.S. He is getting cuter and cuter!!

  10. soo this may sound weird but i'm glad you got pittsburgh, that sounds exciting and close to family is awesome. but i personally think louisville is not fun at all haha. it's just okay. but i get why going new places would be fun. Humidity would have been a problem here too. well, it doesn't bother me but i hear people complain about it for like 6 months every year ;) and you're right, no-one looks good in orange...


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