October 17, 2018

Currently 10/17

Not minding:  The onset of late fall because, in Wyoming, mid-October is late fall. As long as I have nowhere to be, I don't mind snowy winter days/nights at all.

Adding: To my Teachers Pay Teachers store. My "goal" (the word is used ever-so-loosely there) is to put something else in there each week. 
This is a Cornell Notes form to teach kids note-taking skills. I was taught how to do Cornell Notes by 2nd grade teachers in Missouri. If an 8 year old can do it, anyone can do it. This form provides a nice scaffolding set-up. 

Reading:  I'm re-visiting Girl, Wash Your Face. I read a part of it awhile back, but I just got it from the library and I'm prepping a true review for next week. 

Also, reading The Hating Game and Almost Sisters. I'm really into hardcopies of books these days and I just realized that when we move in a few months, I'll likely have to go back to my Kindle and what I can find for cheap on Amazon because I'll be sans library for a bit. 

Renewing: My Colorado car registration. What. a. waste. I mistakenly told my parents it'd probably be almost $400. That's close to what it was last year with the late fee I had to add on to it (it was due in August, I renewed in October, and it's a very long story). 

Still. This is bad enough.

Instead of just telling you how much it cost, I figured I'd let you see how El Paso county spends their money.

Getting: A flu shot. I got my first flu shot ever in 2015 after I'm 99% I had the flu earlier that year. I got horribly sick for two days from that flu shot. I got another in 2016 and then last year they gave me one when I went in for my first OB appointment in November. This year I went to Wal-Mart. If you're military, Tricare pays for your flu shot no matter where you go, so you don't need to worry about hitting the right time/day at the free clinics on base. FYI!

Laughing at: 

Also, since all the Christmas decorations are out at Wal-Mart:


  1. LOL!! I am dying laughing at the nine zero two...etc. So very true and so very funny - those generational references!

  2. I'm the same way with cold weather, as long as I have nowhere to be I'm good.

  3. The 90210 funny had me busting out laughing.... reminds me of a conversation we had last night with our youth girls... they didnt know who Rob Lowe was - not his name. But they figured out that he was the cute guy from the OUtsiders & he was the guy on Parks & Rec...that's all they knew about him. haha. I was telling them about that he was the IT guy of the 80's & they were like HUH? haha

  4. Do you know where you're headed next?

  5. Eew. You have to pay that just for registration? It's like $24 here in NJ. The one that gets me the most is "clerk hire fee". Umm, how about no. What are your thoughts on The Hating Game? Or is this a reread I missed?


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