July 20, 2018

Friday 5. 7/20

1. Who are these people spending thousands at the Nordstrom sale? I don't get it? I would *like* to buy expensive clothes but I don't need them. I mean, teachers generally live in Old Navy and Target because it won't break your heart when you ruin it, no doubt, at work. Same with shoes. 
And I'm not going back to work this year anyway.
While I like buying new clothes, I haven't bought anything new in a longggg time (aside from the occasional extra-large $3 workout tank at Wal-Mart) and I'm just thrilled to be able to pull things out of my closet right now that didn't fit a week ago and have them fit now. I don't have to wear Scott's t-shirts to sleep in anymore! 
Plus, I will genuinely feel like I have a whole new wardrobe anyway this fall because I haven't worn 95% of my clothes in so many months.

2. I did buy a new purse two weeks ago. $278 down to about $80 because it's Nordstrom Rack. I'm so glad I loved it when it showed up. I initially thought I wouldn't need a purse these days because of the whole diaper bag thing but, in the places we've gone, I just take the diaper bag and leave it in the car or truck. I still need a purse. Plus it's big enough and has enough organization to it to stash a baby thing or two. And for reference, this is the diaper bag we went with and I love it so far.

3. Well, I'm accepting that in order to nourish myself and get back on track (I've lived on milkshakes the last few weeks), I need to eat better. I bought this because the internet loves it. 
Does it have all the vitamins and minerals and protein that I want and need?
Is it quick to blend up with fruit, spinach, and almond milk? 
Yes and yes. 
Does it taste good?
No. It tastes absolutely terrible actually and I do NOT recommend it. But I will drink it because it's good for me. 

4. I'm going to spend the weekend watching seasons 3 and 4 of UnReal. 

5. Here are some funny things I've found lately:

Baby pictures are mostly going up on Instagram because my account is private, so if you want to see Wells more often, follow me there! 

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