July 6, 2018

5 on Friday 7/6

1. Tomorrow is Scout's Gotch-ya Day. We got him on July 7th. Oh, that sweet little puppy. Who now growls at me when I hug him and much MUCH prefers Scott to me.

5 years ago 

The self-timer made this not a great picture, but proof that he used to lick/like me. 

Last week, taken by Scott.

(Scott has a Google Pixel and I'm not a fan in any way. However, it takes better pictures than my iPhone..which is just a 6..I need to upgrade.)

2. Speaking of, I pulled out the DSLR again because I seem to have some time on my hands. 

These peonias grow all over the yards here. You can see the whole plant below.

This is the first house we've ever lived in without a deck.

3. We went "fishing" last week ( "  " because I don't fish). Scott calls it "swamping" for the dogs, but the bugs were so bad that we didn't stay long. 

This week, we tried again at a different lake and it was prettier and cooler because of the wind, but the mosquitoes were still bad. 

4. I took on the task of cleaning out the bookmarks on my laptop. I had dozens and dozens of recipes on there. I, instead, deleted them all after putting them on the Food to Make board on my Pinterest page. I encourage you to check it out. I have high hopes for all this time off work, apparently. 

I'm making this lo mein for dinner tonight. 

5. And, lastly, I'm selling my Clarisonic. I just don't use it and I hate to hold onto things I don't use when they have value, you know? I'm attempting to sell it to the college community here in Laramie, but who knows...if anyone wants it, $75 +shipping! It retails for $160ish on Amazon right now. 

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