June 4, 2018

Monday funnies.

Hey, I don't have to go to work anymore! But here's a few funny things. As it is, I do have to drive to Wyoming today and my weekend really just involved cleaning dog vomit out of my car, reading a few not-so-awesome books, and packing up dishes. I'm pretty glad to see Monday actually.

It's not exams and papers and it's not updating playlists, but you get the idea.

This made me LOL. I wish I'd ordered a pizza last night. 



  1. Yay for not having to go to work anymore! I've seen that parking lot meme around a lot lately and feel like it was written from the depth of my soul. xoxo

  2. OK - these really did make me laugh... needed that on a Monday

  3. I laughed way too hard at the British friends party one.

  4. That first meme is so damn accurate!!! I will purposely take my time if someone honks at me.

  5. The Tea Party one really made me laugh!

  6. Someone honked at me today to get out of my spot faster and it made me so irrationally annoyed! I wish I was still sitting there now, not allowing them into the spot. LOL


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