May 17, 2018

Stuff and Things 5/17 (eh, mostly baby things)

+A year ago in May, we had started IVF. Scott was getting ready to go on an emergency deployment exercise to Europe, so he was working 20 hours a day, often sleeping in his office, and I went to the IVF orientation by myself, which was terrifying. A few days later, when I had to give myself my first shot, I went to his office and one of his medics showed me how to give injections properly (Youtube only helps so much and they don't actually demonstrate on you at the doctor.) Again, it was a terrifying process to go through by myself. Scott was gone for all of it, so I did all the injections and all the doctor's visits alone.

+This year, I'm 30-some weeks pregnant, attending a breastfeeding class (that Scott also can't attend with me), and things are seeming real when a personalized onesie shows up in the mail.

(Let's hope he's really a boy!)

+Why can girls join the boy scouts but boys can't join girl scouts? Also, why don't they just merge the organizations instead of attempting to draw new lines of operation? They're making more of a hassle for themselves if they actually want everyone to be "equal". Will the "BSA" start selling cookies now too? I think there's no reason why a girl can't be an Eagle Scout, but you can't insist that girls be allowed to join the boy scouts and still have a separate girl scout organization. That's not the definition of equality.

+I tried a new pedicure place last weekend. I've gotten mixed messages from other nail salons about which are safe, concerning fumes, and which aren't. So I just found an "all-natural" one. Bare Feet is right off of Constitution in Colorado Springs and was a great experience. They're appointment-only but it was only $30 so definitely worth making an appointment. I would make this my regular place, but since we're moving, I'll probably start going to one I found in Laramie (said to be safe for pregnancy) but haven't been to yet.

+Sweet blog friend Micah sent us an adorable baby gift. 

+Sometimes I just cannot quit judging book posts. This minimalist guide to last year's MMD Summer Reading Guide makes me laugh. 
I DNF'd Dreamland Burning and The Dry. I hated My Name is Lucy Barton so I'd never attempt a sequel involving short stories. The story behind Beartown was fine but the writing left me feeling meh. 
That's 4 out of 5 "hugely entertaining" books that I couldn't deal with (and why I'm not planning on trying the fifth one). This is why I'm so skeptical about book reviews. Sometimes I wish I had different tastes in books. 
Thoughts on those titles?

Happy almost-Friday!


  1. I am so sorry you are going through so much of your pregnancy alone. I felt very alone during mine, but for different reasons. I don't have family near and all of my good friends are not local. I work from home so it also made it difficult on those real hormonal days to keep it together. I hope once your little man gets here you will feel all the love. I am 5 weeks in to being a mom and the struggle was worth it. You got this mama!

  2. I always joke with ppl who announce what they are having that I hope it is indeed that, haha, bc, and I quote my dad "back in the day there wasn't tests, you just had the kid". I'd still have a girl name just in case ;)

  3. I hated being pregnant and I imagine it's exponentially worse having to do it alone.

    I'm sorry you didn't like The Dry. I thought it was excellent.

  4. Hahaha, we had a boy name juuuust in case, even though our ultrasound tech was prettty positive she was a she. It’s so weird and real when things start showing up in the mail!!

  5. Pedicures were my absolute favorite when I was pregnant!

  6. I'm so happy to be able to send you some baby things. I know this past year has been tough for you and Scott. I'm glad you've gotten what you wanted. That little boy is so lucky to have you as parents. And Scout and Jett as his guard dogs. :)


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