May 25, 2018

Ohmygosh it's Friday.

I'm in Wyoming and Scott's in Colorado, which is a weird switch-up. I came up here last night because I had a doctor's appointment this morning and then I also brought up a carload of things I want to unpack and sort out. My list is long, basically, so we'll see what gets done. I'll head back to Colorado Springs tomorrow morning. My plans are to pick up a birthday cake for Scout on the way and maybe an anniversary gift for Scott.


1. Prenatal yoga. I've been late for work a few times this year because I refuse to not do my prenatal yoga in the mornings. It just starts every day in a better way. It's 15-20 minutes and any of her prenatal videos are great.

2. After having the box of highlights sitting on the counter for two weeks, I finally managed to highlight my hair on Tuesday night.

3. A favorite is that I made it through school without having to buy more maternity clothes.  I think I bought 5 dresses total (all less than $25) and a few shirts and leggings. This is just a regular sack-like dress from Old Navy, bought last fall or winter.

4. Sweet and generous gifts from kids and coworkers. I really doubt that the fact that I'm done teaching has hit me yet. I think the idea that we're *only* moving 3-4 hours away gives me a false sense that not much is changing. I'll still be able to see my friends and coworkers if I want to. However, it'll likely hit me in a few months.

I think those bootie-socks actually belong on Scout. 


I can't say I watched the royal wedding, but I thought this was very amusing.

Happy. Long. Weekend.!


  1. I definitely just cry-laughed at #5.

  2. LMAO @ the last one about phase 2 of the Revolutionary War! I did watch the nuptials and I'm not typically one to have any interest in such things.

  3. that tweet was hilarious. i am all about the royals and did not watch the wedding. don't know why, just don't care like i did about will and kate.


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