May 2, 2018

Currently (a link-up) in May.

There are only 3 weeks and a few half days left of school.

lots of to-do lists? Does that count? I almost feel like I need a bullet journal-style system to get through the next few months but bullet journals terrify me.

This dress, and this dress, and this dress...

Basically, if it's maternity, from Old Navy, and costs less than $30, I'm wearing it once a week. This is alllllll temporary, right? But it sure does get hot in this part of the country come end of spring.


A few questions I reallllly need to have answered:

1. What do you do with an old iPad that doesn't work? Old laptops that don't work? Where can you safely get rid of them?

2. I need recommendations for a glider. Any ideas?  I was thinking this one. None have perfect reviews, no matter what website I search or what brand I check out.

I was thinking that I'd get a non-matching ottoman just to keep things interesting.

on a field trip today. That is all.

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  1. My advice for a glider--do you have a Buy Buy Baby near you? Go often and check out their floor items. Often times they get custom orders that people cancel and then they significantly reduce the price of their gliders and sell them on the floor. You can sit and try them out, and you can even apply the 20% off coupon to it! We actually ended up getting Ella's glider that way (and it happened to be exactly what we were looking for). I can try and find the info on it, but it's a great one!

  2. Very cute dresses!

    Do you have Lions Clubs there? I feel like they take old electronics. You have to wipe them.

  3. Those dresses are so so cute! I just bought a few new ones at GAP and I'm really excited to wear them.

  4. I'm with you on your celebrating! We have 19 1/2 days left! Can't wait!

  5. I love the picture describing teaching in May. Oh, how I remember those days!

  6. Cute dresses! I found so many deals on great maternity dresses from Old Navy when I was pregnant. And I love the looks of that glider! For me I wasn't willing to commit to anything unless I could sit on it and try it out first though - I'm kind of short, so I wanted to make sure it was comfortable for my leg length, and that the arm rests were at a comfortable height for nursing...

  7. Those are pretty dresses.

    I can't believe school is ending so soon. I swear it was only just Christmas! This year is going so fast. Although schools here don't finish until end of June.

  8. There are several charity groups around here that take old electronics and do something with them. Like Steph said above, just be sure to wipe them. At the place where I take my aluminum to be recycled, they take old electronics, too.

    Sister, I'm right there with ya about teaching in May. (14 days here)

  9. I love black dresses, they always emphasize the female nature, it is always very stylish and always in a trend


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