April 11, 2018

Mid-week (slightly controversial) reading

Yesterday was the Show Us Your Books link-up, so you can find what I've been reading-reading in that post.

However, I've bookmarked some good things lately that I've meant to share...

+Education is an aspect of the government that I can tend to get really upset over. I don't like the way some people act as though education has just recently been attacked under the current presidential administration. This all started in 2001, and continued through President Bush and President Obama. Education has been under attack since the new millenium started, essentially.

Nothing has *really* changed in the last year in regards to public schools. Ideas are just being thrown about that get people more riled up. The status quo is the same.
All this to say, I'm glad teachers are finally standing up for themselves, so here's an article about that. 

+As well as...a lot of my opinion on education is colored by the fact that I've spent 4 years teaching in Colorado and Colorado teachers are some of the most underpaid in the nation. Sadly, a lot of the teachers here have never taught anywhere else so it never occurred to a lot of them to go up against their state government. I think that the teachers in Denver need to strike because what that article says about a teacher not being able to afford a 1-bedroom apartment in Denver is 100% true. Most brand-new teachers I know in Colorado Springs have to have roommates because that's their only option.

+Raise a mentally strong child by doing these things.  Do a teacher a favor. They'll appreciate you, I promise.

+From Amber, a blog post on the fact that we can be kind and accepting of each other without agreeing on everything. I know that my opinion won't change your opinion and will ruin a friendship. It's not worth it. This is why it's also helpful to have relationships based on things other than politics or religion.

And, finally...

+The last conversation you'll ever need to have about eating right. When people tell me they feel better when they "eat paleo", I don't believe them. A doctor's diagnosis (like, a legit, licensed doctor) of allergies is one thing...but that type of lifestyle is unsustainable and that makes me sad.
The fertility doctors and the acupuncturist I went to last spring tried to convince me that eating only protein and less than 30 grams of carbs a day was the best possible way to live.



  1. I could sit & talk about all these dumb diets ALL DAY LONG. I dont get how one diet is THE THING one month & then its totally opposite the next month with a new fad. What happened to just plain HEALTHY EATING? I dont get the idea of cutting out FULL food groups.... UGHHHHH

    I thought of you when the schools were shut down in Louisville where I work because all the teachers called in sick to go to Frankfort to protest something they were screwing our teachers out of once again. WTHeck???? I dont get how our government is making it so hard on teachers when they're the one raising our future???????

    OH - did you see where that one lady got in so much trouble for posting a FB post about kids being so spoiled anymore & parents being so rude & underminding to teachers?... & she got slammed for me. I was like PREACH girl PREACH!!! What is wrong with some of these parents today??/ I know you know!

  2. I love what you said about having relationships with others that aren't based on politics or religion. These are just two contentious topics and I would rather not debate with my friends about it.

  3. Giving that blurb about carbs a standing ovation. People are SO GULLIBLE.

  4. Yes about the carb thing!! Also, I am clicking over right now to read that post about being friends with people you don't necessarily agree with!

  5. SO I eat gluten-free, and usually dairy-free but sometimes give myself leeway on that. I've done Paleo for awhile, I've done two Whole30s. I DO feel better eating that way. However, now I eat for what is right for ME. I know I can't have gluten for a variety of reasons (I'm not Celiac, got tested, but the doc and me decided GF was best for now). Dairy makes me feel gross. It has nothing to do with carbs, though... I love carbs. I'll eat potatoes until the end of days. Anyway. Not sure what I was getting at. It's important to eat for YOU, and for me, it means no gluten and dairy.

  6. As you've probably been following (or at least noticing), teachers and many other public state and local employees have come under attack this year by our governor and our legislature. Here in KY, we are not fighting for raises, but rather our pensions. Paying into pensions is mandatory and during my career I've paid between 9-13% of my paycheck into something the state government has "borrowed from" and not paid back. And now they want to cut our benefits and make us make up for the shortfall. We are also fighting for school funding. Our governor is in cahoots with the Koch brothers and is for for-profit charter schools. Basically, he has declared war on public education for his own personal gain. It's a scary time to be a public school employee.

  7. Yes on the dumb diets. I have a bunch of friends doing keto, Whole 30, or just plain low carb. That's great if it works for them and they can stay with it. I know it's not sustainable for me, and I wish they'd stop telling me I could lose weight if I do what they do. Ugh.

  8. A big fat UGH to the diet thing. I think every body (and everybody) is different and there's no ONE right way to eat that fits every single person. Personally, I feel better on a lower carb diet, but that's just because my body type processes carbs in a way that makes me gain a lot of fat if I overeat on carbs. I'm certainly not against carbs in general - TOO low of carb intake and I literally feel like I can't think straight. The gluten thing...don't even get me started on people who think that EVERYONE should eat gluten free.

    I read something the other day about how the keto diet isn't even meant to be long term...and then my SIL the other day was praising the keto diet and saying how she's been doing it for over 9 months now and I'm like...yeah that doesn't seem healthy to me. It sounds like a recipe for clogged arteries, actually.


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