April 2, 2018

8 more Mondays...

My own personal motivation this week is that, including today, there's only 8 more Mondays left in the school year.

This has been my train of thought for the last few years. via

Also, Isaiah 43 has really motivated me for the last few months. Perfect for an Easter Monday as well. 

What is motivating you today? 


  1. Motivating today... Well, I'm in WV at the moment on spring break. Meanwhile, there are educators from all 120 counties in Kentucky converging in the capital city today at an education/budget/pension rally. Their presence is motivation for me to get on the phone and call the legislative hotline and make my voice heard even though I can't be there in person.

    Congrats on the 8 more Mondays! When I go back after Spring Break, I'll have 7 (this year). :)

  2. I want that motivation from scripture hanging on my wall to see every morning!

  3. Wow only 8 more Mondays!? Wow that went by quickly.


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