April 27, 2018

5 Friday Things

I've been completely off my blogging schedule these last two weeks. I haven't even been reading/commenting/responding because it just takes brainpower I don't have. I mentioned on Monday that my usual coping mechanisms (caffeine, wine, overdosing on candy, etc) aren't really available to me as we gear up to officially move, prepare for a baby, wrap up a school year, and attempt to sell a house (that hopefully is in tact come time to put it on the market).

However, here are 5 good things from the week...

1. Scott was able to register his new truck with Wyoming plates for only $90 thanks to the military affidavit that active duty (out of state residents) service members can use. Otherwise, it would cost OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR for Wyoming registration. But wait: don't ask why we didn't choose to register with Colorado plates. It would also cost OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR to register with Colorado.

2.  Mitigation. Our kind neighbor tilled up a fire break around our field last weekend. While we have a tractor, we don't have this particular kind of equipment. The best way to prevent a fire from getting to your house is to #1, have your house on a foundation and #2, make sure there's a cleared path of dirt or stone around it.

3. I am off work today because they give us a random day off each April, as long as we don't have too many snow days (this year we had one). So I'm in Wyoming unloading some things and maybe convincing Scott to set up the crib.

4. I passed my one-hour glucose test! Gestational diabetes doesn't scare me and the testing, the needles, the diet, etc would be something I'd deal with as it came. However, this is a perfectly welcome uncomplication to have right now. I was told years ago that because of my PCOS diagnosis and iffy blood glucose levels (I've done this test three times in the last four years), to expect GD if I were to get pregnant. I had a 97 out of 140 (the cut-off), so finally: I excelled at something medical-related.

5. Lastly, Colorado teachers are rallying today in Denver. So many people took off work that most districts had to close for the day. While I won't be teaching in Colorado long-term, I'm so glad that they're fighting for pensions and basic funding (not necessarily higher pay, as the media would have you believe).


  1. So glad that you dont have GD. Like you said, you'd handle it, but it's just a hassle to prick, and test throughout the day, and then monitor every little thing you eat. It was the one part of pregnancy that I really hated.

  2. That registration fee though. Oh my gosh. I thought Colorado was bad! Over $1,000?! What the heck, Wyoming?!

    My kids have no school today. I'm glad they're fighting!

  3. YAHOOOO on passing that test! I know that's always a load off shoulders.
    That fee to register - are you freaking kidding me? That's ridiculous.

  4. Money money money money money!

  5. I can't believe the car registration fees in both WY and CO! And congrats on passing the glucose test! I had GD with both pregnancies and it was actually a welcome complication ... I ate healthier than ever - before and since. The daily shots were the worst part of it but I knew it was all for the benefit of the baby so I was OK with it.

  6. What this country is doing to teachers and schools and has been doing to them for years is abominable. Then we wonder why no one can think.

  7. Yay for passing your glucose test, that was a huge relief for me as well. I didn't want to have that additional thing to deal with.


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