March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

1. This is my favorite go-to dinner. Quinoa Pizza Pie. I make it at least once a month, sometimes twice.

2. My mom sent us a box of baby clothes. This is very welcome, as I've bought nothing yet (except a crib...we ordered that on Wednesday). I want to get the nursery organized and planned before I start filling it and hopefully I can start on that next week during my spring break but who knows what will come up (something always comes up). The theme, thus far, is all the puppies and all the foxes.

3. I really enjoy Michael Linsin's books on teaching. This article on how to eliminate stress (in 5 easy steps, no less!) from your teacher life is something I've practiced for years, long before I read the article. Saying "no" is my secret weapon. I never let myself feel guilted into extra activities/duties. It's my upholder/rebel nature, I suppose (I don't know if you can be more than one tendency, but I am whatever the opposite of an obliger is.)

4. THIS ARTICLE ON RAISING ADULTS. OHMYGOSH. If you have children, read it and then go read Amy Carney's blog.

5. Scott came home from a tractor supply/garden store with this chicken. If you read the Bloggess back in the day, you know the story of the big metal chicken. He remembered me telling him the story (and forcing him to read it), so when he saw the metal chicken, he came home with it.

And we are a-l-m-o-s-t to spring break. Whew.

Plans include seeing some friends in Denver, and then heading to Wyoming to start settling in next week. Also, a trip to the vet for heartworm tests. There's always a trip to the vet involved it seems.


  1. yes to that article. my dd is 9 and every year, she gets more responsibilities tacked onto her chore list. if she forgets anything, she had to deal with it whether that be clothing (mittens, scarf etc), homework/projects etc. she knows that she has to prep her bag either the night before or as soon as she gets up and if she forgets anything? oh well. next time she wont.

    i refuse to raise a lazy, entitled adult who can't function in life without mommy or daddy. i fully believe that coddling your kids only does them a disservice when they arrive at adulthood and wonder why they can't do anything properly -- because they never learned how!

  2. Baby clothes!! AHHHH - does that make it all seem even more real???
    I missed the chicken thing. I'll have to look that up.

  3. I have a small Beyonce from my BFF!

    Love the outfits your mom sent, they are adorable.

  4. Awww yay for baby clothes! It's a very surreal feelings seeing stuff like that show up.

  5. Beyoncé the metal chicken!!! I love it.

  6. I think I’ve read that parenting article before, and I love it. I’m determined to raise Imogen to be an intelligent, contributing, non-helpless member of society and I really don’t think you can start too early. For her 1st birthday, she’s getting a chore chart. Ok, maybe not, but still...

  7. Oh the baby clothes! I love buying clothes for Ryder more than I love buying them for myself, and that’s saying something!

  8. Those baby clothes are so cute, especially the left one.

  9. You got a Beyonce!!! Love it.


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