February 9, 2018

"The worst show ever", Week 6

Let's be clear: I really don't like myself for watching this show when there's so much bad happening in the world.

However, it passes the time. It's gotten me through deployments. It's a window to nothingness and sometimes that's what a person needs.

Even if it's the worst.

I'm not invested. I don't care. I don't follow anyone on Instagram, and just a couple on Twitter. It's kind of fun to read the spoilers and see how the puzzle pieces of the franchise fit together.

Everyone needs a hobby.

1. I think Bekah M. looks good as a blonde. She's just painfully young.  Too bad she ran away to a pot farm. The re-cappers keep getting this one wrong too. Reality Steve has the timeline that makes sense, and everyone else is just conjecturizing (a word?) and filling in blanks that don't make sense. If you read the spoilers, if makes perfect sense, but most re-cappers do not read spoilers.


2. What is Krystal wearing?

Crushed velvet, no bra, and newscaster pants from 1983. That's what I saw here.

3. Why is Lauren B. so boring? Is every Lauren B. this boring?

I even tried to find a picture by specifically searching "lauren b arie bachelor" and alllll the Laurens from this season came up, as well as Lauren Bushnell. They are literally indistinguishable.
Her shoes for walking around Paris? 4 inch heels? No wonder she was so quiet. I'm always quiet when I'm annoyed at myself and in pain because of shoe choices.

4. Jacqueline...


Doesn't every girl say "I'm so bad at shopping for myself"?  Maybe Arie took her shopping because he would prefer something else to the handkerchief she'd been wearing?

She does seem so genuine though.


I listen to A LOT of recap podcasts. This one drives me slightly insane but it passes the time in a quiet house. 
What I despise about these podcasts is that they all go unspoiled, so they say really dumb things and I'm always thinking Ohmygoshno, please just read something on the internet before you start talking. Like, get Seinne and Bekah M. out of your top four because anybody with a brain realizes they will not be in the top four (for different reasons), whether you've read the spoilers or not. Just because you want it to happen, doesn't mean it will. 
I legitimately cannot wait for this to all blow up in a few weeks because these podcasters will be like We never saw it coming and, really, it's pretty easy to see coming if you have the internet.


  1. I am liking about 1 - maybe 2 of these girls - the rest? SO RIDICULOUS.
    I cant believe he kept Jacqueline- she basically told him, "i'm not changing my life for you"... & Lauren? OH MY WORD - SNOOOOOOZZZZEEEEE
    I'm just ready to read the spoilers to put myself out of my misery here

  2. Yeaaaahhhh I know the spoilers and I am utterly baffled. I was baffled by that date. “My parents didn’t always get along” is becoming the new “That’s so intense.” I read a recap the other day that essentially said she just sounds like every other 25 year old trying to come up with a reason they’ve had a hard life, too. Wahhh? If that’s “opening up” and Arie’s into that then I have nothing left to say about it. At this point I’m just dying for ATFR.

  3. I saw parts of what happened Monday but I'm still thinking ahead to what the spoilers said 🤣

  4. I can't even watch this season. I hope it gets better. That's funny about the podcasters because if you've ever watched a Bachelor season they never choose ones that get a bunch of air time. Ever. If I didn't read the spoilers I would never be able to guess who wins because they always keep it sort of under the radar to trick us!

  5. I watch Jerry Springer... the bachelor has nothing on that show. But I do it if I feel cruddy so I know my life is not that bad. Reality Steve is amazing, I didn't want to spoil anything if you didn't read him. I love love LOVE that girls are in love in like 2 weeks time...

  6. I still have never watched this show haha.


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