February 2, 2018

Bachelor Thoughts, Week 5

1. Tia is eighteen million times too good for Arie. Doctor of Physical Therapy, get out now. You would be a stunning Bachelorette. Also, please go for someone who has done more than barely graduated high school.

Do I ever check my notifications ^^^? No. I don't. I'm useless in Twitter conversations. 

2. Krystal isn't exactly awesome. But I feel like, even though I've only seen a few seasons of this show, the formula is so predictable. It's just ugh. There's no one else even close to being a villain though, so she's getting all that brunt. I adored the way Arie told her to stay upstairs though. It made me almost respect him (and I've listened/read way too much Reality Steve to ever respect Arie). And then she didn't listen.

3. This comment, replying to Nick. LOL. (I didn't watch Monday night, so I just scrolled Twitter in the morning.)

Also, Nick spelled "whatevs" wrong and spelled "Corinne" wrong too. 

4.  I think Lauren B. and Arie are cute together. His time with her was endearing. I do think that 25 is too young for 36, though. For example, she asked him how he likes his eggs in the morning and he said over-easy...do you know how long it took me to figure out over-easy eggs for Scott? YEARS. And we're the same age. And I still mess them up every other time and I generally cook every day. I can't imagine her figuring that out quickly.

5. "This is our first fiiiiiiight!" -Krystal
"It could be our last fight." -Arie



  1. So reality Steve doesn't like Arie?
    Nick... The guys comment below it cracked me up.
    I lovw Tia but your right.,she'd make,a good bachelorette

  2. This is the 1st year I've looked up who he picks at the end because this season is so BORING to me. I enjoyed Nicks season more than this one....ugh.

  3. Ugh. This whole season is just ugh. I do kind of hope Tia is the next Bachelorette, though I also kind of hope that she gets out and stays out of this dumb franchise. The dumb franchise I can't quit watching...


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