February 23, 2018

5 Friday Favorites

1. I was going to come up with a few Bachelor things, as usual, but this is getting ridiculously boring. Honestly, the Winter Games broke it up a bit...But all the Ashley I. was unappealing. As much as I do enjoy Ben Higgins, I can't listen to his podcast because of her. Unfortunate. Someone should really make him aware of how many people probably don't listen because of her. Also, my faith in Dean/Lesley is zero because he's a moron. Someone told me they were always rooting for Dean because he went to the local branch of the University of Colorado (UCCS). ...that's not a sticking point. Anyone can go there.

And we can't even talk about Arie because HOLY boring. In two weeks, we'll talk. #justwaitingformarch5th

2. I got the dogs all to myself this week. I decided that, after a stressful weekend for Scott, the best thing I could do for him would be to give him a week off from walking, feeding, petting, and pushing Jett to the floor while he (Scott) is trying to study.
I will say that I haven't had them here during a school week by myself in months and I forgot how much work they are. They make the week go more quickly though.

I told Scott about some upcoming dog birthday plans...

I think I mentioned before that Jett does this thing where he gets up at night, barks at you to wake you up, and insists you invite him (nicely) back up into bed. I have not gotten much sleep this week. 

I can't...
These kids are OBSESSED with unicorns. I don't remember another school year like this. 

4. This IG account is funny to follow. 

5. The ceremonial Iditarod start is tomorrow next week (apparently I'm wishing away February or something). I oddly came across a snippet about it in this past week's reading curriculum, so I took my Iditarod pictures in to show the kids. I think maybe we'll track it this year, the way I did when I taught in Missouri. They loved seeing the standings each day.



  1. The Iditarod is on my bucket list (as a spectator only). I thought it was the first part of March though - or did it change because of the lack of snow from past years?

  2. I think what is irritating is the Winter Sports Break the Bachelor left did actual Winter Sports Fans no favors. And, I feel what is lidblowing is needing to help Winter and Olympic Sports is needing College Basketball to be healthier for the kids like the Nuggets actually winning the NBA Finals, for a change and not just being another set of Chicken Nuggets. (Which is a childhood teardown of the Nuggets Organization through my cousin.)

  3. I was waiting for you to comment about Luke though. Did you watch the after show? WHAT AN A-HOLE!!! It didnt surprise me one bit.
    I dont mind Ashley I - I think she's endearing in a weird way.

  4. LOL Gus will get you up in the middle of the night to lift him back on the bed even though he can get up himself.

  5. The OverheardLA Instagram sounds hilarious!

  6. Yeah I'm done with bachelor. I still need to watch this week's but haven't .


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