January 30, 2018

January Recommendations

Lactaid Milk.
Scott bought this on a whim...we don't usually drink lactose-free milk, but he picked it up one day and was amazed by the taste. So we started buying it. It's great in coffee, and in cereal (which I'm NOT buying anymore because it's time to go cereal-free...there's been too much of it for dinner lately).

Being a "friend of the show". For $3 a month, I get extra Popcast episodes, including the Bachelor recaps and access to all past Friend of the Show episodes.

Give Grace podcast. A big focus on this podcast is infertility, but it hones in on so many other struggles. Chronic illness, shame, depression, failure....it's is SO refreshing to hear women talk about how they are able to cope by sharing their stories.

Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Since DirecTV has failed us greatly, I was never so happy to mail that box back to them. We replaced that with a $25 antenna that sticks to our window and picks up 20 local channels for free, and the Fire TV Stick that was $40 and gets us exactly what we need. We pay $10 a month for Netflix, $6 for Hulu, and then $15 and $9 a month for HBO and Showtime (when I feel the need to have those add-ons, which is not all the time.)

Manh(a)ttan. This is a show on Hulu. There's two seasons and we watched both in one weekend this month. The last aired in 2015 so they're not making more but it's put together so well. This is would be my #1 recommendation concerning TV so far in 2018.
It's about the group of scientists who lived on a make-shift army base in New Mexico while they were developing the atomic bombs. The characters are practically lifelike and it's mostly a true story.

What would you recommend from January?


  1. Someone was just telling us about the firestick too. We may take that route.

  2. I have a firestick I bought on sale years ago and never used. We use Rokus for the big TVs. I will take the firestick to the shore.

  3. I've heard amazing things about Lactaid milk, I'm definitely going to consider buying it.

  4. sorry to be a debbie downer but the reason why lactaid is so good is because of all the sugar! i love it as well but i have to control the amount i drink :(


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