January 26, 2018

Bachelor, Week 4(?)

It's week 4, right? I can never remember so we'll leave the question mark there for now.

Honestly, I started reading spoilers in September so I feel like this season has been on f-o-r-e-v-e-r and a day and that time is further stretched out by the fact that Arie is so darn boring.

What's not boring is listening/reading recaps though, so a current favorite was last week's TV & Jelly. If that doesn't make you cry tears of laughter, I don't know what I can do for you.

1. When I wonder what these women see in Arie...

For the women who are 30 years old+, sure. I can see why they might like him. Why does a 22-27 year old have any interest in a 36 year old who looks like he's 42? I know Nick was 36 last season (and I'm no fan of Nick), but he never looked 36. He still looks 29/30 to me. Arie definitely looks 42 years old.

2. Again, following the live-tweeting is my favorite part of this show. I will say that Krystal doesn't bother me NEARLY AS MUCH as Corinne did. Corinne was entitled and Krystal doesn't come off that way. She's annoying but that's about it.

3. I like the I Hate Green Beans recap podcast with Lincee and Some Guy in Austin. It's hilarious. In reference to Lanco (the band that played on Monday night), Some Guy made a comment along the lines of "Dan + Shay minus Lanco". And then I'd say plus Connor Duermit BECAUSE NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE. Because this show has the worst music and the randomness of it shows. People are chosen to perform without any thought. Kind of like how Arie was chosen without any real thought.

4. I actually don't mind Bekah M., but Arie is not for her. I wonder why she applied for the show. She doesn't seem to have the classic famewh*$& characteristics of Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, and Lauren (I don't actually know if all the Laurens share that characteristic...I just figured it'd be funny to type out that name four times to emphasize how ridiculous this show is).

5. If you're not reading Reality Steve (you should be), he posted a HUGE (H-U-G-E) spoiler this week. If you like knowing what's happening, go check out his site. (I won't link it and tempt you.)

Please tell me you've read the spoiler. I need to talk to someone. 


  1. I broke down and read the spoiler.

    I dislike Krystal way more than Corinne. At least Corinne wasn’t fake, just entitled, and didn’t try to sound like a whispering sex kitten all the time.

    Spoilers make watching the show more interesting.
    This spoiler is the best of the best though!

  3. Ok,,,, I feel like I gotta go read the spoilers now. Trying to be strong. Haha

  4. Just read it and 😱

    I still need to watch Mondays episode but I'm pretty much caught up otherwise.


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