November 17, 2017

Friday Gratefulness and Favorites #3

1. I'm heading up to Wyoming tomorrow to spend a few days. Scott still has class for most of next week and I would rather be with him than here alone, but also, he's busy and, as I well know, the dogs are a timesuck. Anyway, we'll be back in Colorado for Thanksgiving. I suppose I'm just grateful, in this case, of my full week off and the fact that I can reflect on what I've done this year and what I'll do in 2018. Also, I plan on painting the hideously yellow living room, as long as I can dig the painting supplies out of the shed.

2. I'm having dinner with some former coworkers tonight. I can't believe that I lucked into such great coworkers in Colorado. I always had friendly and caring coworkers, but the ones in Colorado are legitimate friends that I really miss when I don't see them every day. In the past, my friends at each base were army wives, not people I met through work. Here, it's the exact opposite.

3. The Steelers won last night. Did I watch? The first half and then I went to bed. But they won and I'm grateful it's been a good season (though they barely pulled it off last weekend). I need this (uh, we need this) after the downward spiral that's happened to Penn State. They went from 6 to 4 to 2 to FOURTEEN to 10 in the rankings, so far this season. I don't understand it. And they're still 8-2, so I really don't get it. But the Steelers won and are also 8-2.

New Steelers gear is on my Christmas list. 

4. Sometimes a motivational quote hits you at the right time. I really liked Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection when I listened to it sometime last year or the year before. I saw this the other day and it brought back all the valuable lessons I learned from that book.

5. And, finally, I'm genuinely grateful that all of those things Scott worked so hard to fix over the last few weeks (the furnace...the RAV4...etc) are still working. It's been a season here.


Finally. Friday.

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  1. It really is a blessing to have real FRIENDS from a work place. Glad you get to meet up with some.
    That quote is a powerful one. I love the ones that hit me in the gut & open my eyes to new thinking.
    Thanks for linking up with me <3

  2. So great having good co-workers and yay for time with Scott and the pups.

  3. I like that quote.

    I'm glad you have the week off!

  4. I’m glad you have some good friends. Friends can make a lot of crappy situations a lot more bearable!!

    I need some Seahawks gear. I’ve been a fan for two decades and have zero shirts, sweatshirts, mugs...

  5. I didn’t even realize the Steelers played Thursday until I was settling down to go to sleep. :-/ BUT I was glad to hear that they won. Now I’m bummed they don’t play Sunday. Haha

  6. I hope you’ve had a great weekend and safe travels to Wyoming! Colorado is my home state (Boulder native!) and I miss it so much—I moved to Northern California a few years ago for work/boyfriend, and I get so excited at the very mention of Colorado haha. Heading home for Christmas for a full week!

    Love that quote! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving in Colorado :)

  7. That quote is amazing and so true!


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