October 26, 2017

Wedding weekending

Hey, a weekend update on a Thursday...and you thought you were behind.

My brother got married on Saturday and I figured I'd share a few pictures. I will say that it was worth the horrific travel experience with Delta just because I hadn't been home in a few years and it was nice to see people and be in Pennsylvania. We do miss it.

I needed a picture of the rental car because we always end up with a Corolla. We had one in L.A. and one in Boston. 

I'm so glad we got to go back in the fall. I miss this. There are no red trees in most of Colorado.

Favor bags at the hotel. 

Bows that were used at my wedding. My mom had apparently held onto them for 8 years. 

Bridal table.

Our table and centerpieces.

The venue was really nice. 

The Pennsylvania touch.

I filled up on Middleswarth chips.

Bride and groom.

Blurry cake because it was dark.

My dad is hiding in the back. 
My other brother is overseas, so this is as close as we'll get to a full family picture. 


It really was a great party. 

But the next day, Scott had homework to do and we were back to deciding what the next week would look like. 

We stopped at Primanti Bros. before we headed to airport on Monday. This was the black bean burger and it was AMAZING. 

Obviously, my brother and his now-wife live in Pennsylvania. I don't expect them to ever leave the state because of his job so us moving back is the only real way to see all of our family regularly. Per usual, right? We definitely can't move back anytime soon but every time we go home, we entertain the idea. Someday we'll figure this out. Until then, we are planning to go back for Christmas (dogs in tow and not on Delta.)


  1. That is such a pretty venue! Glad you got some good family time in at the wedding. I've never been to a fall wedding. My whole family surprisingly managed to get together for my sister's wedding in June...and even so we didn't end up with a decent whole-family photo. That's too bad because we also don't have many opportunities to get everyone in the same part of the world.

  2. I’m so glad you got to go home and that you had a good time!! Those trees are gorgeous. I’d love to visit the east coast in the fall sometime.

    And I’m glad to hear you’re going back for Christmas! We’re trying to get to Seattle for Christmas, too. We won’t be flying Delta, either. ;)

  3. What a fun looking wedding. Not surprised that your mom saved those bows as that's what a mom does. She save anything else?

  4. I'm glad you were able to go back for the wedding! It looks like a wonderful event!

  5. Glad you at least had a good time while you were back here in good ol’ PA! :)


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